NSSF: Facts Do Not Stop Hillary From Vilification of Firearm Retailers


Thanks to our friends at the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), another window into Hillary’s gun control agenda and tactics has been opened. Here is the full release from the NSSF. Continue reading NSSF: Facts Do Not Stop Hillary From Vilification of Firearm Retailers

7.62X51 vs. .308 Win.


By Glen Zediker:

I hope by now that most folks do know there is a difference between 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington. Either way, I’ll be hitting that topic eventually, and the reason is because it really matters! Continue reading 7.62X51 vs. .308 Win.

Ammo Handling


By Glen Zediker:

Last time we talked about case lube, and also about getting it gone. This time, let’s talk about storing ammo. Concerns and cautions aren’t necessarily only applicable to those looking to store a lot of ammo for a very long time. Nope. Ammo can “go bad” pretty quickly. Continue reading Ammo Handling

Shooting (Better)


By Glen Zediker:

Most gun folks are gearheads. Me too. We like all the tech, and the industry, and its published works, are devoted to tech. However! Continue reading Shooting (Better)

22plinkster takes the Taurus Judge for a spin


Let’s take a break from the ordinary, and hang out with 22plinkster, doing what he does best: Trick Shots! Only this time, he takes a break from his usual rimfire series, and goes all wheel gun!

Our pal 22plinkster puts the Taurus Judge through it’s paces on it’s 10th anniversary. The pistol has been reviewed and tested to death, so there’s no one better suited to come up with a fun way to show off just what the Judge can do.

The Judge Plinkster uses has a 3″ cylinder, allowing for both 410 bore, as well as 45 colt ammunition. He’ll use both to go from what he considers mundane, splitting a playing card, to much more difficult shot series.

Check out the video below, and happy anniversary to Taurus, and the Judge!

How many of you use, or carry the Judge?

Ultimate Reloader: LEE Pistol Dies


If we were to ask you what kind of dies you started out with, there’s a good chance you’d respond with some caliber of LEE dies. Gavin, with Ultimate Reloader, takes us back through the LEE Pistol Dies, like it’s the first time.

“My very first set of reloading dies were LEE 44 Magnum pistol dies that came with the LEE Pro-1000 press that I started out with. Since then, I’ve acquired many more sets of LEE dies ranging from 30-06 to 9mm to 45 ACP to 357 SIG and quite a few in between. LEE Pistol Dies (technically handgun dies, but I’ll use the term “pistol” to cover both autoloader and revolver here) are some of the most popular dies because of their combination of features and value. In this post, I’ll cover the different die sets that LEE offers, compare features, and I’ll even show a demonstration of setting up some dies on a progressive reloading press!”

Feel free to hit this link to check out the full article on Ultimate Reloader!

Check out Midsouth Shooters selection of LEE Dies HERE:

and watch the video from Ultimate Reloader below!

How many of you are still using LEE dies and products today?

LEE Auto Bench Priming Tool: Overview, Setup, Priming with Ultimate Reloader


There are quite a few priming tools on the market, coming in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. Our friend, Gavin, over at Ultimate Reloader took a closer look at the Lee Auto Bench Priming Tool, from the setup, to the functionality, and gives his overview of this new take on a bench standard.

“Could this be the alternative to hand priming that I’ve been looking for when I don’t choose to prime on-press?”  You can read Gavin’s full write up on the Ultimate Reloader blog HERE.

Also, check out his video on the Lee Auto Bench Priming Tool below!

Bushnell Introduces AK Optics Red Dot Sight and Riflescope


Bushnell’s new AK Optics 1-4X 24mm Riflescope and AK Optics 1x25mm Red Dot are a pair of sighting solutions designed specifically with the legendary AK-47 platform in mind.

The AK Optics 1x25mm Red Dot has a 3-MOA dot reticle with an Amber-Bright high-contrast lens coating that enhances detail and suppresses lens flare.

The AK Optics 1-4X 24mm Riflescope highlights targets with an illuminated 7.62×39 BDC reticle. It features 11 brightness levels packaged in a 30mm-diameter, one-piece aircraft aluminum tube.

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New Electronic Gun Range Open to Public at Camp Perry


By Ashley Brugnone, CMP Writer

CAMP PERRY, Ohio – The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is pleased to introduce 10 innovative electronic targets available for Open Public Shooting at Camp Perry. Rifle and pistol marksmen will now have the chance to fire towards the future of competitive shooting from the place that has been a pinnacle of marksmanship for over 100 years. Whether experienced or just beginning, the ground-breaking targets are designed with the ability to enhance skills and excite spectators of all ages.

From Aug. 29 to Nov. 7, 2016, Petrarca Range will be open to the public on Mondays, where only a small fee of $10/hour ($25 for 3 hours) will be required to fire upon some of the most advanced marksmanship technology available today. Visitors must provide his or her own firearms and ammo as well as any other accompanying equipment. Eye and ear protection is also strongly encouraged while firing or observing.

Similar to the targets used at CMP’s Talladega Marksmanship Park in Alabama, the 10 state-of-the-art outdoor electronic targets on Petrarca Range (located on the historic grounds of Camp Perry) are capable of adapting to rifle, pistol and smallbore shooting. During Open Public, CMP staff members will be on hand to answer questions and to ensure safety on the range.

Rifle targets are located at the 100-yard line, but the changing of the target faces and the use of reduced target definitions allow shooters to practice for longer distances as well. Pistol targets are mounted in portable carriers that are constructed to be set up at 25 or 50 yards. The rifle targets are wireless, while the pistol targets are hardwired. Target technology is provided by Kongsberg Target Systems (KTS), with equipment marketed by CMP Targets.

For an even more comfortable experience, sound deadening material has been added to the interior ceiling of the Petrarca firing line structure along with a dividing wall to create a more controlled environment. New doors and lighting have also been installed to the structure, and berm work has been constructed downrange.

KTS Electronic Targets work through the power of acoustics – “hearing” the shot and accurately determining its location. With extensive use by ranges in 30 nations for over 20 years by Kongsberg Target Systems and even more experience received in-house by the CMP, the accuracy of these electronic targets is unlike anything else in the United States.

Come out with a friend, as a family or even by yourself! All are welcome to Petrarca Range at Camp Perry. For more information on Open Public Shooting, visit the Petrarca Range page on the CMP website at http://thecmp.org/competitions/cmp-targets-at-petrarca-range/.

About Camp Perry:
Camp Perry, a National Guard training facility open to the public for swimming, fishing, camping and viewing year-round, is located on the shores of Lake Erie, only six miles west of Port Clinton on State Route 2. The entrance is marked by its signature stone towers and checkered water towers standing in the distance.

About the CMP:
The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is a national organization dedicated to training and educating U.S. citizens in responsible uses of firearms and air guns through gun safety training, marksmanship training and competitions. The CMP is a federally chartered 501(c)(3) corporation that places its highest priority on serving youth through gun safety and marksmanship activities that encourage personal growth and build life skills.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program is a federally chartered 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation. It is dedicated to firearm safety and marksmanship training and to the promotion of marksmanship competition for citizens of the United States. For more information about the CMP and its programs, log onto www.TheCMP.org.

What Difference Do Emojis Make?


apple-emojiApple has announced that the next update to its emoji catalog would style the “gun” icon as a toy, rather than a pistol, reports the Washington Post. The emoji is really a revolver not a pistol.

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence has been pushing for the emoji switch by waging a high-profile PR campaign called #DisarmTheiPhone, in an attempt to bring awareness to the toll of criminal violence involving firearms by urging Apple to remove all gun related emojis.

The organization succeeded in its social-media symbolic effort. Apple has succumbed to the social pressure of villainizing an object rather than focusing on the fact that people are responsible for their actions.

The narrative is that guns are bad, no matter the depiction or context. What we hear so little about is how more effort could be focused to make real progress in the fight against keeping guns out of the hands of criminals.

So, even though it’s the easy thing to do, it’s sad to see companies like Apple get caught up in silly social media ploys.

Do you think such “disarming” ploys make any difference in the real world?