The square formed by the 22 WMR rounds at the bottom isn’t an accident — that’s how many fit in the magazine all at once.

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  1. The 22 RF but not the magnum would be my choice, remembering how loud the Ruger 30 Carbine revolver was in the 1960’s of a class room friend. I cast and lubed the bullets and he loaded them on 310 dies, FLS the fired cases. This was before we had micrometers/calipers, before we bothered wearing any hearing protection, too dumb to care. I have an Inland Carbine and luckily found a 120 gr GC bullet, SAECO #302 that shot as good or better than factory jacketed ammo. I have 900 cleaned cases, a bunch of jacketed and cast bullets, but at 70 I am lazy as all get out.

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