White House says high gun sales a tagedy

White House: High Gun Sales Are a ‘Tragedy’


The FBI conducted 185,345 firearms background checks on Black Friday, the most ever during a single day. Asked why he thinks so many Americans are buying guns, White House press secretary Josh Earnest replied, “I don’t know, I really don’t.”

The record number of gun sales came two weeks after the Islamic State’s terrorist attacks in Paris, but before the San Bernardino,California, terrorist massacre.

“In some cases these are individuals who believe that they need to buy a gun so that they can better protect themselves,” Earnest added. “In some cases because it’s Black Friday, they probably are going and purchasing a gift for a friend or a loved one who is a gun enthusiast. I’m just pointing out that there are already an astonishing number of guns on the streets of America and far too many innocent Americans who are being killed by them.”

“The more that we see this kind of violence on our streets, the more people go out and buy guns,” Earnest said. “That is both ironic and tragic.”

Perhaps our readers can help Mr. Earnest out by telling him why you or folks you know bought firearms recently. And, let him know if you agree that it’s “a tragedy” that record numbers of Americans bought guns in recent weeks.


96 thoughts on “White House: High Gun Sales Are a ‘Tragedy’”

  1. We are buying guns because the idiots in congress can’t protect us! Violence can only be stopped by guns in our hands. Get It!

    1. When seconds count police/fbi, swat are minutes away!!!
      A good guy with a gun can and will stop a bad guy with a gun. There are more reasons but I think (???) maybe you get the picture.

    2. What is a tragedy is the idiots in the whitehouse, no doubt in my mind the idiots are not on the side of America, Josh Earnest is totally stupid, as the rest of the Democrats, Common sense we the people are preparing for Civil war.

  2. High gun sales are an indicator of Americans protecting their rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights. If the Administration was truly defending the Constitution, the Administration would not be so upset at a statement by Americans that the 2nd Amendment is alive and well.

  3. I do not trust the Obama administration or the Democrats to keep me safe or to respect my 2nd. Amendment rights. The Obama administration has show a willingness to skirt the law for political purposes. The Obama administration has demonstrated a lack of understanding of the terrorist threat to the American people.

  4. Seriously you wonder why so many people are purchasing firearms. Have you seen the news? The police and the government can not protect you 100% heck not even 10% of the time. At some point you have to come to the realization that YOU are responsible for your own protection. I choose to be armed with the same weapons as the criminals and terrorists have. At least then I have a fighting chance of survival.

  5. If the average time from 911 call to when police arrive is over 10 minutes, the average gunless American is dead or injured. That’s only if (s)he’s capable of making the 911 call in the first place. Most aren’t able to make that call until the perpetrator has left the scene. Where a gun is in the house, the resident is much safer, more likely to avoid serious injury, and the police are more likely to find the perpetrator. It should be obvious that homes are safer when one of the residents is a gun. Even the Vice President recognized this fact when he said we should have a shotgun loaded and ready, and how could he be wrong?

  6. When you have an idiot in the white house as we do then what do you expect of the people to do when the government will not protect its on you protect yourself .

  7. Hey A******, It is my 2nd Amendment right to own firearms. You and your friends can have your “Gun Free Safe Zones”. I prefer to keep my freedom and guns in my “Molon Labe Zone” It is my sincere Christmas wish to see 1,853,450 more firearm background checks by Christmas Day. Oh, before I forget, I hope you and your boss have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  8. This is a perfect example where facts cannot dispel the fiction that ‘scared’ anti-2nd amendment zealots believe human beings do not need to defend themselves. I could not phrase it any better than this:
    “A wise man has a controversy with a foolish man, The foolish man either rages or laughs, and there is no rest.” (Proverbs 29:9)

  9. I believe that the tragedy is that there are so many mentally defective people who want to kill others- so many who have been taught by liberals that their failures in life, the bad consequences they receive from their actions are other people’s fault and not their own.

    And after what our govt has done over the years that has made most of the world hate us, we need weapons now to protect ourselves- I for one will not die begging for my life or get shot in the back running away from some rage filled impotent terrorist.

    Since WWII, our leaders have consistently put America in the cross hairs. They supported the UN in taking Palestinian lands in 1948 and renaming them “Israel” and giving Jews control by force of arms. Then our CIA deposed the Iranian elected leader and intalled the “Shah” while our media built the false legend that our embassy was attacked “Just because we’re free Americans.” Lies, all lies and tricks.

      1. Dear States Rights: Chris Henry has obviously read books that reference the US gov’t’s own declassified documents concerning the rogue state of Israel and the 1953 CIA/ MI-6 coup prosecuted against the democratically elected parliament of Iran. The US-UK military coup was in retaliation for Iran nationalizing its own oil fields. Perhaps, you should read up on the subjects since you clearly do not understand who committed the crimes.

    1. You forgot to add the fact that too many of the mentally defective were elected by too many other mental midgets. In both party’s!

  10. You think we’re gonna trust this government to protect us. Think again. They haven’t got a clue. They’re letting the enemy in unchecked right under their noses. The most enept administration ever and I’ve seen plenty in 68 years. Including Nixon. This guy is by far and away the worst president ever. IMHO. No testicles at all.

  11. I don’t see any problem with honest citizens owning firearms to protect themselves and family and their country if need be

  12. Of coarse and now Obama’s response if to release 17 Gitmo prisoners.
    Has anyone considered Obama’s one of them?

    1. Have you ever read the story of the Trojan Horse? Funny how history repeats itself. The Trojan Horse in our time is guess who? The Syrian refugees are cover for ISIS who are being let into our “fortress” by (again) guess who? Hmmmmmm. It did not work out so well for the Trojan. The jury is still out on how it will work out for the True Americans. Our only hope is to Be Prepared like good scouts!

    2. Some of those men have been held for 10+ years without any charges violating accepted international law. Do you advocate being held by a foreign government for 10+ years without being charged?

    3. Damn right. EVERYTHING he does…EVERYTHING…benefits the radical Muslims. And if the administration headed by the President with the Islamic name believes the fiction that the radical Muslims make up fewer than 10% of Islam, they haven’t read their own CIA’s World Fact Book as regards this “religion of peace.”

  13. It’s a tragedy that our government doesn’t understand that we the people have the right to keep and bear arms. The government can’t always protect everyone everywhere that is why the second amendment is important and it is the law!

  14. Senator Diane Feinstein(D. Ca) made the same assertion to me when I questioned her about why legislators are calling semi-automatic .22’s assault weapons. She said, “Far too many of these weapons are ending up in the hands of criminals. Anyway, we can disagree.”

    I cannot conceive of buying a firearm for anyone but myself; they’re too expensive! I buy a firearm to fulfill a need. I see that kind of statement , by Josh Earnest, that firearm purchasers are PROBABLY buying for someone else, as very uninformed and divisive. Why would a person in HIS position make such a statement? PROBABLY, he was told to do so; or do we think he’s speaking for himself?

  15. Is Mr. Earnest really that STUPID? Or, is he playacting for the cameras at his press conference? I’m inclined to believe that Obama wants him to say those things. Do the idiots in DC know what a tragedy really is? I’ll tell them what it is not. It is not me going to my favorite sporting goods store and purchasing a firearm. I have been handling and shooting firearms for 63 years now. I have never even pointed a gun at anyone, let alone shoot anyone.
    A side note: My first firearm was probably bought by my mother on “black Friday” (they didn’t call it that back in those days.) I received a single shot J C Higgins .22 bolt action rifle for Christmas when I was none years old.

  16. Legally buying a gun does not qualify for the ridiculous claim that ” already an astonishing number of guns on the streets of America and far too many innocent Americans who are being killed by them.” A statement like this is not only ridiculous, it is a lie. But that is the democrat way, isn’t it. Good old whatshisface Earnest says he doesn’t know why so many people are legally buying legal firearms. Seems kinda ignorant to make statements about something he knows nothing about.

    Hey pinhead, you and your bosses lie and lie and lie and then you wonder why people don’t trust you? Remember the Embassy in Benghazi and the protection never provided before the attack? Remember the lies you told after not lifting a single finger to provide help while the embassy was under attack? Remember the lies you told about the cause of the attack? Remember the comments you and your bosses have made about muslim terrorists in this country? There were none. More BS about “work place violence.” Tell that to the families of the dead at Fort Hood, killed by a muslim terrorist.

    Actually, Mr. Earnest, I believe you are a liar and full of s***t, just like your bosses.

    1. Jay Carney was the WH spin-doktor then, not Josh Earnest. I only point that out to demonstrate those that try to peddle the Kool-Aid are easily interchangeable, only the dishonesty to constituents never changes.

  17. I’m not surprised of the disconnect DC has with the rest of the people of this country. Right after the California shootings the president mentions gun control. As if more gun laws would have stopped this attack. Being a former police officer I can tell you that the police are basically a mop up crew. If you think calling 911 will save your life in a life threatening situation guess again.
    If the president doesn’t want so many guns purchased tell him to shut up about gun control. Everyone knows he means making it harder for law abiding citizens to purchase a gun. Hence people will get one while the getting is good so to speak.

  18. White house spokesman Josh Earnest and all the other Idiot minded self serving career politicians just don’t get it!!!! I honestly don’t think they understand the meaning of the Second Amendment (and they’re running the country, really scary isn’t it!!) This amendment isn’t about hunting or sport shooting it’s about the citizens of this great country keeping their government at bay in a time of government tyranny and takeover and I firmly believe we are near that time. It was so important to the founding fathers that it was the “second” amendment and not the last one on their agenda!! Let us all hope the piano legged d*** Hillary is never elected or it’s all over!!!Buy all the guns and ammo you can afford and then some!!!!!

    1. I “R E A L L Y” hope that people of this country who love it like most of us do would take a very very very long minute to stop and “THINK” what it would be like if that “W—H” H.C. ever was somehow put in the top position as chief… You think there is chaos now just think what it would be like if that was to happen…
      She is an out right liar just like the swine she was/is married to just ask monica…

  19. It’s a no brainer that the american public wants to protect themselves from all of the evil in this country instead of being led to the slaughter like sheep. The only way to do just that is to buy a gun and learn how to use it.

    1. Just like civilians in Syria and Iraq have to do to protect their own lives from criminal Saudi-Turkish Takfiri mercenaries sent there since 2011 by the US government.

  20. Why so many gun sales? There are many good reasons. This isn’t really the forum to explain however, in a nutshell,one is the establishment in Washington can no longer be trusted AT ALL. The White House and Congress as a whole no longer work for the people. They no longer respect the United States Constitution in it’s entirety. Along with the Bill of Rights the will of the people is simply ignored. The establishment has it’s own agenda and it has nothing to do with the freedoms our founders provided other than to remove most, if not all of those freedoms. They take an oath to PRESERVE, PROTECT and DEFEND the Constitution and they show that those words, that oath, is nothing more than a formality of words. The lies, the deceit, the trickery from our so called “leaders” is beyond words. Beyond explanation. The American people are angry and fed up. Like I said, in a nutshell, this is one reason.

  21. The White House has said so much BS that the real AMERICANS are sick and tired of it. If OBAMA thinks we the voters don’t get what he is up to then he isn’t very bright. We will defend this country from anyone who thinks otherwise . My father fought in the second and watched his sister get blown out of the water. My brother served along with my son , The only war OBAMA fought in was a war against his fellow AMERICANS , that is if he is one. We need to make America great again, get him OUT !!!!!

  22. Just one more out of touch politician who thinks that taking guns away from good people will solve the problem of gun violence. How about taking the guns away from his personal body guards?

    1. Lets take all the guns away from the secret service, and everyone that protects all of you in political office, then see if you want to purchase a gun to protect you and your family!

      1. I understand Diane Feinstein in SF has a carry permit,and it’s rumored that Schumer has one as well…Such hypocrites……! In NY even!

  23. Laws always protect criminals more than innocent citizens. This is so the criminal has no avenue for a lawsuit against the arresting or prosecuting parties. These laws protect the criminals also out on the street. Laws that make it hard for honest people to buy guns to protect themselves against criminals make it hard for honest people to protect themselves.

    Thank God for waiting periods before new anti-gun laws take affect. It gives honest people time to freshen up ammo supplies, practice with their self defense weapons and also, allows new first time gun owners to learn about their new self protection device; how to shoot accurately, how to become comfortable with it, and very importantly, learn how to assess a situation, then make a safe decision how to handle the situation: draw, fire or hide.

    Record sales of firearms proves that people are afraid of criminals. It is an indicator that wee the people are tired of the deaths and crime and we want to make it unsafe for criminals to continue their illegal activities.

    You politicians, by creating gun free zones are enablers of the criminals who prey on the weak and unprotected. It is YOUR fault the criminals are running rampant to these gun free zones and killing all these people. Police are looking for honest people to make a mistake with a gun and then arrest and prosecute these people at will. They know it is a safer endeavor to chase honest people than go after criminals.

    It is your fault, Mr, Ms, Miss and Mrs, politician criminals are increasingly attacking safe zones. (for them) They know you are behind them in every death and support their efforts with your stupidity.

    One reason I can think of why so many hypocrites like liberal politicians carry concealed weapons is that they are afraid too. I also believe that this anti gun movement is a power play to make it safe for tyrants to attempt to take over this country. What you tyrants do not realize is that just because your armed police and military services confiscate guns on your orders does not mean the guns are gone. It means that you have been fooled by the best trained fighters in the world and the guns are hidden and waiting until es the people need them.

    That is why gun sales are up. No one is really on your side. They are just waiting for …

  24. I have bought several firearms my self, I don’t know about other’s but the reasons I purchased the weapons I have is because I wanted them and I can’t make this anymore clear WE HAVE AN IDIOT FOR A PRESIDENT!!!!!!!

  25. Well, Josh, it’s like this; the people (like me) pay for your salary, and the people (like me) live in a country that is supposed to be protected by the second amendment. Criminals buy/steal guns regardless of laws, so “we the people” like to responsibly own guns. Your spin on this issue is disgusting, and has nothing to do with the real facts – one of which is this: The more guns are purchased by people (like me), the LESS criminal shootings occur. Did you forget about this? Or have you decided that only the government employees (their salary is paid for by people like me) can have guns, and lots of guns like they currently have? Or have you sold out so deeply that you believe that any non-government individual is an irresponsible, dangerous serf, unable to handle a firearm? Are we ALL criminals, then? You also forgot that you live in, and are supposed to protect and represent, a country FOUNDED BY PEOPLE WITH GUNS who WROTE A SPECIAL DOCUMENT THAT PROTECTS THE RIGHT TO OWN GUNS. And in case you forgot, it’s not an “old idea” subject to change – the values and principles in that document are the same today as they were when it was written, and people obviously haven;t changed a bit, as evidenced by your draconian speeches and tactics: The British would have been proud of it. Oh and by the way, if you want to take guns away and lower gun sales, PLEASE don’t hesitate to start with government employees – you folks already have an ALARMING amount of guns and ammo.

  26. The high number of gun purchases id because your traitor President is following a course of selling out America to the Jihadist. We by guns to protect ourselves from the thousands of muslim refugees and Mexican refugees and Chilian refugess and every other form of scum he can get in to weaken this country.

    You obviously did not read his books. I did. obummers plan is to weaken America way he can so his fellow muslim terrorists can take over. IT AIN’T HAPPENING BOZO

    1. We buy large amounts of guns and ammo because the government buys huge amounts of guns and ammo. We don’t trust you. We buy guns to protect ourselves from huge numbers of unvetted refugees and criminal element illegal aliens coming into this country because this Government will not enforce the law. We buy guns because the Constitution says we can. We buy guns to protect our selves from Government. We buy guns because we must buy guns.

  27. I buy for sport shooting and self defense. Love the sport and, with Mr. Obama’s policies causing our Nation to fail, having a firearm is a must in my opinion. Exercising your right to freedom is hardly a tragedy. Mr Obama and his minions are the tragedy in my opinion. That free speech and exercising your second amendment rights is considered “bad” by those in power tells us how much we need a change and how far we have fallen in the last seven years.

  28. The reasons we LAW ABIDING CITIZENS of America are buying guns in record number are many.
    1.) First of all it is our God given right to own firearms as long as we use them legally.
    2.) Secondly YOU PEOPLE, that’s right I said YOU PEOPLE, have no interest what so ever in protecting our lives much less our rights.
    3.) Pick up a newspaper, if you can find one that isn’t so bent to the left and assuming you can read and see what is going on today in the world and right here in America. The enemy is past the gates and is at our front door. YOU PEOPLE, there I said it again, hide behind your secret service agents and personal bodyguards and are immune to the everyday dangers we have to face, a lot of it due to the failure of YOU PEOPLE to take a stand against terrorists and criminals because YOU PEOPLE are afraid to offend someone.

  29. I will try to explain to you in layman terms why gun sales are rocketing. First and for most Americans are finally realizing that God may take a few minutes to answer your prayers and the police are almost always 15 plus minutes away! Example: I live in a city of18000-20000 people and saw a lady hit a man on a bicycle. I waited over 20 minutes for the police to arrive. Not much help when bullets from terrorist or crazy people are flying. And one more thing you Need to understand, guns, bullets, knives, vehicles and whatever else you want blame do not kill people. Sick, demented people kill people by whatever means they can. I personally own several firearms and never, I mean NEVER has one of them loaded itself, pointed at a human and then discharged. NEVER! So why don’t we call a spade a spade and blame the true cause. Society is raising a group of people who are “not held responsible or accountable for their actions”. No discipline for wrong doings, lawyers suing for whatever reason, government not accountable for their actions, etc, etc. I could go on and on, but until we quit blaming objects for human actions the problem will continue. And one more thing, hang signs at all government buildings that say ” gun free zone”, terminate all armed security, as they wont be needed. Saving taxpayer dollars. And finally, it is a right to be able to buy and own by the constitution.

  30. Joe Biden probably went out and got a few more scatterguns. I knew I liked him for something.

    Seriously, if anyone has any question as to the anti-gun/2A agenda of this administration, this blurb from Mr. Earnest should be adequate evidence.

    1. Unfortunately, Mr. Biden has never fired an AR-15 or else he would know that they are much easier to shoot then a 12ga shotgun which he touts. He thinks women should have a 12 ga shotgun for home defense and should fire a warning shot which is illegal in most jurisdictions. The guy is a total buffoon just like his boss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEsaXk6Sc3k

  31. We are buying guns and ammo in anticipation of an over sized intrusive micro managing government outlawing them and wanting to disarm us and confiscate guns. We are wary of the Muslims and other illegals flooding the country. We are wary of our home grown terrorists who riot and burn cities. We buy guns as the result of crappy government. Global warming my butt!

  32. Since the true fact is each individual is expected to protect themselves due to the inability of law enforcement to protect everyone all the time (refer to the Heller decision), there should be a law requiring every American to purchase, own, train and use an individual firearm of their choice. Follow Kennesaw, GA’s example. I am a fan of SBR’s with mufflers … oops … silencers, on an MSR platform.

  33. Every time there is a tragedy the president gets that much closer to signing an executive order to further restrict gun sales. I believe one reason many people buy guns after a tragedy is a concern that if they don’t get one now it could be that much harder to buy one in the immediate future.

  34. The willful ignorance of this administration never ceases to amaze me. Mr. President, we are buying guns because we don’t trust you to protect us, we know the police can’t make it in time to protect us, and because it is our Constitutional right, not a “tragedy”. You’ve paid no attention to domestic terrorism, to open borders, to the HUGE increase in radical Islamic training right here on our own soil – proven by the recent San Bernardino incident. It is ludicrous that you are claimed to be a Constitutional scholar, and then after you are elected you totally forget that you are the leader of the EXECUTIVE branch, which ENFORCES laws, doesn’t make them. Yet, your Justice Department has prosecuted less Federal gun crime cases under your command than any other President in history. You’ve allowed gun crime to HAPPEN because you haven’t enforced current Federal laws that are perfectly effective, in your misguided effort to disarm the entire Country by playing Mr. Legislator and make them all illegal so that the Federal Government has ALL the power. There have been more mass shooting incidents during your Presidency than any other President in history, and more mass shootings in your first term of office than the four Presidents before you COMBINED. 5 of the 12 deadliest mass shootings in America happened during your first term of office, while you were making news for playing the most rounds of golf than any other President in history. And you want MORE laws? Oh, there are already plenty of laws. Not one of these mass shootings was legal, and the laws didn’t stop the incidents. The reason these shootings are happening are because you are weak. Leadership, or lack thereof, comes from the top down. You are supposed to be our Supreme Police Officer, Commander-in-Chief, and yet all we see is your unwillingness to prosecute for all the Federal laws being broken every time one of these incidents occurs. This weakness flows downhill, eventually affecting every police department and officer in the Country. Never before have we experienced such a high level of disrespect for our law enforcement officers, never before have we had such an ineffective US Justice Department. And all this as a DIRECT RESULT of a smooth-talking politician with an evil agenda who is willing to sacrifice our current safety to create an environment of fear that will support your anti-2nd Amendment agenda. Mr. President, THIS is why we are buying guns, to fix your mess. If only one or two of the county workers in San Bernardino had been carrying pistols that night, the results could have been dramatically different. Bring the terrorists to my neighborhood or place of business, and I’ll show them, you, and the World why we are buying guns. If you won’t protect this Country, then REAL Americans, who actually studied the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the lives and times of our Founding Fathers who risked everything to build this great nation and protect it from snakes like you – WE WILL!! Now, I guess you define that as a tragedy, when actual American citizens are willing to defend themselves. I would call THIS a tragedy: You have not called this nation to prayer, you have not called this nation back to the God of our Forefathers, you have not called upon community leaders to address the daily black-on-black shootings in our inner cities that result in thousands of young men’s deaths, you have not called the street gangs and gun-toting thugs of this nation to task with Federal prosecution, you have not set ANY type of precedence for authority, personal responsibility, and lawfulness – in fact, you have publicly declared your own rebellion against the law with promises like “I’ll do it with or without Congress”, which is a direct promise to break the Constitutional law that you swore to preserve, protect, and defend. Your rebellion is affecting this entire Country, and we are seeing many people act out their own rebellion. It’s scary. And no “GUN FREE ZONE” sign made of metal will stop them, nor will locked doors. The only thing that will stop the terrorist, or criminal, who is so intent on breaking the law that NO LAW will stop them, is a GOOD MAN with a gun. Better yet, GOOD MEN AND WOMEN, trained in the necessary ways of armed defense. I am one of those good men. No one need fear me unless they intend to do harm to innocents around me. When that happens, I shall act, without hesitation, without wavering, and stop the illegal act of violence with swift and lawful violence. Your Justice Department should have been acting swiftly to prosecute Federal gun crimes over the past 7 years, establishing justice across this land and strengthening the laws that Congress already established. How dare you, Mr. President, refuse to do your job, and then accuse the Legislative Branch of not doing theirs, when they DID? You, Mr. President, are a liar, a politician, an evil leader, and the only good thing about the damage you have caused this Country, is you have woken up every thinking American citizen to see just how precious and how finite our freedoms really are, and they won’t elect another snake like you for decades.

  35. the real shame and irony is that law bidding God fearing US citizens feel so un safe in their own country that if they do not like guns that they feel they are unprotected by the current regime that is in power.It is also a shame that the very people we but not me elected does not understand or does not want to understand why we are in fear.They are the very reason why things have went so far south in our country, but make no mistake the American people will right that wrong and they will do it with a sweeping majority in the next election.So to all you worthless career politicians get your resume ready you will be seeking different employment in a year or so

  36. Instead of Barry and his emotional sheeple of the left trying to implement their so call “common sense ” gun control laws…. Maybe he should get his Muslim brethren under control first….. As always, Merry Christmas!!!

  37. My dear Mr. Earnest,
    The answer to why Americans are buying and making their own guns in record numbers is staring you right in the face every day. The majority in this country do not want your type of gun control. We don’t want to be listed for confiscation some day. We already have sensible gun control with background checks by registered FFL dealers and sellers. The gun show loophole you tout is nonexistent. Individuals do not rent booths at gun shows to sell one or two firearms. The people who rent booths have Federal Firearms Licenses because they sell guns on a regular basis and they do the required background checks before the firearms can be acquired by the buyer. They also log the purchase in accordance to federal law. Actually the burden is on the administration to make the background check system work. The administration is responsible for people passing background checks and obtaining firearms who should not be able to obtain them due to mental illness. Don’t look to Congress to pass your idiotic gun control measures, look in the mirror and decide to make the current laws function as they were intended.

  38. When people need protection right now, why should they wait an hour for the police to arrive. Maybe the police should have a sub-station at every Domino Pizza, they can get a pizza to you in under 20 minutes, guaranteed, if they could get a cop to you that fast it would be an improvement.

  39. The reason I buy guns at age 57 is I am scared the government after each mass shooting threatens to ban firearms. I have had to wait 1-2 weeks in the past to buy 22 long rifle cartriges so I could go shoot with my grandsons. When I was a kid I could buy them down at the local store. What has happened ? Now we need to stock up on different guns and ammo in case they are no longer available. If you want my guns you can take them from my dead hands. God bless America

  40. Strike 1
    I was shot at several times one night when I was 16 trying to run off thieves stealing construction equipment from a job on our farm.

    Strike 2
    At one time I called the cops to report a stolen truck being taken out on our farm and in the process of being stripped. The cop said that the (get-a-way car) was just some guy out of gas waiting for his buddy to get back with gas.
    One month old Chevy Silverado stripped to the bare frame and cab.

    Strike 3
    I called 911 one night to get a cop out to my neighbor and get him off the road as he was spaced out on meth and drinking. At the time I called he was doing donuts in his yard and I heard him yell at other people there that he was going out to get cigarettes. 911 told me they didn’t have a car anywhere available.

    Moral of the story , there’s never a cop around when you need one OR when they do show up they don’t believe that there is a crime in process.

  41. This guy is an idiot. If he thinks the terrorist attacking americans any and everywhere is just gun violence then is the dumbest person on the planet.

    The terrorist that we call extremist are not extremist at all. They are following the teachings of Islam to the letter. All muslims read and study the same book. It tells them to kill non believers.
    They called for a holly war against all non believers. I am not sure when Washington is going to wake up and realize that they are at war with us.
    I have bought guns and also build my own because the government is either too stupid or unwilling to stop terrorist from attacking the American people at home and away.
    Now they want to bring these lowlife muslims into our country under the pretense that they are refugees. Most of them are young men of fighting age. They should stand up and fight for their own country. The reason they don’t is because they want to come here and impose islam on the United States. Wake up people, what better way to infiltrate a country. Once here they can have a field day planning attacks.
    Our government wants to make more stupid gun laws that only law abiding citizens will obey. For people that are supposed to be educated (the politicians) they are some of the dumbest people on the planet.
    Reality check…. Lets say I am a terrorist or a criminal and I want to attack someone or a group of people…. I get my guns and explosives and what ever else I can find and then do you think I go check the local laws and find it is illegal to do that ….Wow so I stop go home. Like that will happen.
    Laws are only for law abiding people. Terrorist don’t care about laws. Criminals, drug dealers and anyone else that continue to break laws don’t care about them.
    Please consider your future and the future of your kids and family when voting for these idiots in Washington. There are only a few people running for office that understand that our second amendment is there because our founding fathers new what it was like to deal with a screwed up government. Don’t let it happen again. If you really don’t like guns you should move to England or France, you will fit right in with the sheep.

    Politicians don’t get it or don’t care or they want to disarm Americans because it is easier to take over a country that is disarmed and do what ever you want. Now tell me it can’t happen. The only reason it hasn’t is because we are armed.

  42. The day is coming (soon) when technology/drones, in the hands of big brother, will make firearms obsolete. Then, we’ll ALL be f***ed..

  43. Gun sales are up simply because we figure if in the unlikely event that there is legislation passed making it legal to put libtards and other assorted douche/dirt bags like Josh Ernestlystupidandmendacious out of our misery we don’t want to be caught empty handed.

  44. As usual, the Author and corresponding Commenters represented in this article missed the point. (Ironic in light that they all claim to be Gun Owners.)

    What Earnest said was tragic is the fact that the Citizenry of this Republic believe they need to purchase weapons “in order to protect themselves”…That comment on it’s face is indeed tragic. It’s tragic that in this Day & Age of higher learning and so called compassion ANY population that feels it needs to protect itself by purchasing weapons is indeed a tragic and sad commentary on that Society.

    The fact that people are purchasing more Guns is directly linked to the fact that the Gun Manufacturers in this Country have literally flooded the market with cheap firearms. When retailors like Cabela’s , Gander Mountain, Bass Pro along with the multitude of other Gun Sellers feature “Black Friday Sales Events” highlighting cheap guns in order to Cash In….Surprise Surprise…..PEOPLE BUY THEM….

    You people need to wake up from Your NRA Soaked Wet Dreams, get a life and take a step back from the paranoia soaked hyperbole Authors like this one are selling. Because it’s mostly a big steaming pile of politically motivated Bull Cookies…

  45. The idiots in Washington can have and keep their “Gun Free Zones” and I will keep my guns and protect my “Free Fire Zone”.

  46. This administration knows full well why firearms and ammo sales are up. The deceptive propaganda coming out of the mouth pipes in Washington D.C. is strictly for the purpose of fertilizing those empty minds that are already planted with groves of anti-gun biases, i.e. their constituents. This rhetoric will be repeated by the controlled and complicit media outlets as well serving to reinforce the message. The propaganda is designed to also make one feel wrong for exercising their right to self protection and doubt the mandate delivered by 2A, that “shall not be infringed”.

  47. Far too many Americans are being killed by guns in the hands of criminals, criminals who don’t bother with trying to obtain concealed carry permission slips…umm I mean permits, permits that are impossible to obtain in some jurisdictions. Others may have the permit, but the sign Says Gun Free Zone. Of course the criminal does not obey such mandates and kills the unarmed law abiding citizens in such zones. Gee, if the law abiding did not have their Natural Right to not only keep, but more importantly bear arms infringed upon, there would be far fewer Americans killed by the criminal cowards who prey on the unarmed. Of course, Josh Earnest and his wannabe socialist-dictator boss would not have the ability to allege that the guns are responsible for the deaths and that only the State and it’s agents should be armed., were it patently obvious that armed, law abiding citizens were directly impacting the violent crime statistics in a positive way, as opposed to the victims that many become at present.

  48. My ass, won’t undermined the Second Amendment. Who is this guy kidding. These Democrats, are they really that stupid. They don’t know why gun sales went up. President Obama. Why he is not following his oath he took in office. He is breaking the Second Amendment. Taking away our rights to purchase guns to protect our family and friends. He is a special kind of stupid. God help this Country.

  49. We buy guns because we cannot afford to pay the Secret Service to protect us with theirs 24/7. The only respect the unlawful have is for those who know how to protect themselves and they know those guns will be used against them. They would rather attack those who don’t have guns because they can’t defend themselves. All gun free zones are easy pickings for criminals. I respect and support our local police and sheriff’s departments, but I know that I have a responsibility to protect myself and my family until they arrive.

  50. People are buying guns for protection. Don’t know what is so hard to understand. If someone or a group of people kick in my door no matter what time of day I don’t think they will wait for me to call 911 and for the cops to show up. Same goes if attacked on the street. I guess why they don’t get it is because them as well as Hollywood rich and famous and the rest of the rich have armed security. Try living in our world or at lest take your head out of your ass.

  51. One of the responsibilities of government is to keep its citizens safe under the freedom of the Constitution. This it has not done.

    One of the responsibilities of a head of household is to keep his family safe. The less the government fulfills its responsibilities, the greater the necessity for an individual to secure the means to protect his family and fellow citizens to fulfill his responsibilities.

  52. The real tragedy is that the office of the Prez of our fine country thinks that the will of the people, 185,345 on that single day alone, is “a tragedy”.

  53. Most people purchase guns for protection. Help, IS NOT, a phone call away. A lot of us are intelligent enough to realize this and we are prepared to defend ourselves. I refuse to do business with any establishment that does not allow concealed carry. Why is it that thugs always seem to target no gun zones?
    The rest are inclined to purchase in record numbers because the CURRENT Government has made them feel like it’s now or never. Why can’t you (government) see this?
    Are you really surprised?

  54. You can’t possibly be that stupid to ask a question like that. People do not trust the police, all they do is show up after the massacre and maybe kill the people that did it and maybe not. Sometimes they catch them and give them a couple of years in prison. Wake up and don’t ask such stupid questions like we don’t understand why people are buying guns especially when most of the people in the government have bodyguards with guns.

  55. Everyone “should” know that when you need help facing an assailant the police will NOT be there. You are on your own. I am 70 years old and I’ve had three unsuccessful back surgeries. There is no way I can fight off one 6’2″, 220 lb attacker, let alone several. One hard blow to the back and I will be permanently paralyzed. I cannot take that chance. Therefore I own guns and I carry them.

    I no longer hunt, partially due to my physical limitations and partially due to the fact that I do not like to eat wild game. In addition to the self-defense angle I just enjoy the sport of target shooting. For me it is much like golf or bowling is for a lot of people. What is wrong with that? I believe that my reasons for having and carrying a gun are valid.

    I believe that the reason for the increased rate of gun sales since Obama took office is that he and many liberal Democrats seem to be intent on overturning the 2nd Amendment. There are a lot of people, many of which have never owned or even shot a gun, who are trying to get what they want and feel they need NOW, while they still can.

    From what I can tell MOST of the homicides in this country seem to be gang related. If that is where the problem is then that is where effort should be directed to clear up the problem. I suspect that very few, if any, 20 year old gang-bangers would turn their guns in if they were outlawed. The only thing that such a change in the laws would accomplish is to make easy victims of people like my wife and myself.


  57. These liberal retards make these comments to other liberal retards who hang on their every word because they have been programmed to not think for themselves. How about open borders, total lack of enforcement and convictions of existing gun laws for criminals, blobama being a muslim sympathizer, the US govt funding and arming isis, refugees given benefits and citizenship here on taxpayer dollars, gun free zones, and all the politicians and elites having their own armed 24/7 security details to ensure their safety. How about our safety? They could care less and they are trying to move towards gun confiscation. They will do that with guns and with force. How ironic, huh? And they wonder why American citizens don’t trust their own corrupt, self serving, hypocrytical war monger govt. Hmmmmmmm.

  58. Supreme court has ruled that a police has no constitution duty to protect someone from harm. That means you are responsible for your own and your families protection. You should be worrying about the criminals and terrorist with guns and not the law abiding citizens that are purchasing guns to protect themselves from the same.

  59. First, read the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution. Then read the Second Amendment as it is written and ratified, not the way Mr. Obama, Mr. Biden, Mr. Bloomberg, Mr. Schumer, Ms. Clinton, and Ms. Feinstein wish or think it should be written and/or interpreted. Americans do not want fascism controlling this nation. The Founding Fathers clearly wanted Americans to have the ability to defend ourselves against even the appearance of fascism. Thus the rise in gun ownership is, in part, explained by Americans exercising our Constitutional rights to protect ourselves against what increasingly appears as the growing threat of a fascist government. Furthermore, Mr. Ernest clearly has no understanding of the basic, fundamental, economic principal of supply and demand. This is why the Eighteenth Amendment failed, and why the “War on Drugs” and immigration policies are failing miserably – Government can legislate supply, but not demand. Simply put, the more government tries to weaken the Second Amendment, even to the point of repeal, the more gun ownership will proliferate. As proof, look at the increase in gun ownership and NRA membership after January 1, 2013, and before Sen. Feinstein’s watered down gun ban bill was defeated on the floor of the Senate. “Gun control” in America is a fantasy. No intelligent person could truly believe it is possible. Mr. Ernest is either a fool or a liar.

  60. Unlike you Washington pukes, we don’t get Secret Service protection, and most of us can’t afford armed security to watch over us. We have to watch out for ourselves. Sometimes that requires firearms. Every time a tragedy happens, the Gov’t starts talking about registration and / or confiscation of firearms, boosting sales. Here’s a thought-Quit trying to blame the tools used instead of the person doing the crime.

  61. Is it also tragic that recently our elected officials also bought up billions of hollow point bullets?I’ll tell what is tragic,thatPOTUS wants to bring in anyone into this country unvetted and then wants to disarm law abiding citizens so they cant protect themselves or family.Please join the NRA

  62. The best statement that I ever heard regarding guns was from a line in the film “Shane” with Alan Ladd. “A gun is just a tool, it is only as good or bad as the person behind it.” You anti-gunners need to understand this.

  63. To Obama & to Earnest , 1.) you all are letting in to the USA Islamic State’s terrorist . 2.) you all will not say there is a Islamic terrorist problem. 3.) there are too few policeman to protect every American. 4.) Every American needs to be the 1st responders to protect our families.

    The amount of deaths from shootings have gone down from the 1960’s. We have more people killed from DWI’s and car crashs than people being killed by guns. Your FBI data even shows that data.

  64. 1. To protect themselves from criminals (same reason police have guns).
    2. To protect themselves from their own government, who have become unbelievably corrupt in the last 50 years (anticipated by the Founding Fathers due to their personal experiences).
    3. To protect the constitution – in the case of foreign invasion, or (more likely) to protect it from the same people mentioned in #2 above who seem hell-bent on ignoring the rights designed to protect the people (also known as the Bill of Rights).
    4. The people saw the govt purchasing billions of rounds of hollow-point ammo. This type of ammo can’t be used by the military in foreign wars because of the Geneva Convention rules. There are not that many armed federal workers, and the ones that need to train/qualify usually only shoot a couple of hundred rounds per year.
    5. Since this is how politicians and rich people protect themselves; the people figured it would be a good way to protect themselves too.
    6. To ensure that our govt is controlled “By the PEOPLE” and “For the PEOPLE”.
    7. It is the 4th and final form of Checks & Balances and is the only protection for the people when the other 3 fail.
    8. Because Lord Dunmore was an asshole. Note: when the government tries to take away the people’s only form of self defense, it can trigger a revolution.
    9. Fear – why would your govt want to disarm you? What will they do once you are unarmed? Also, drones have been programmed to recognize armed people & to be able to autonomously kill that “target”. Of course, this would “never be used on American citizens” – this has to be true because the govt never lies to it’s people.
    10. The govt seems to be ignoring the Bill of Rights and attacking it’s own people (spying, 1st Amendment restrictions).
    11. Govt secrecy & lack of transparency.
    12. The govt & corporations control the media, spin & constantly attempt to sway people’s opinions in contradiction to the people’s own self-interest.
    13. Guns are the people’s last & final form of protection when ALL else fails. The only other protection would be to petition to the govt of a foreign country (and I don’t think we can count on the French to help us again).
    14. Elections are coming & the people fear that the next elected officials will continue to try to disarm the citizens by enacting more unconstitutional laws and Presidential Directives/Orders.

    Most of the above (except for #1) are the explicit reason behind the creation of the 2nd Amendment, which has nothing to do with hunting.

    In addition, there are more reasons:
    14. Shooting is fun, enjoyable, and challenging (just like other accuracy sports, such as golf, darts, bowling, archery, billiards, etc).
    15. Winter is hunting season for deer and other game.
    16. Some firearms are true works of art & are collected/displayed as art or for historical reasons.
    17. Because the people haven’t been able to obtain guns in the last 3 years and they are just beginning to become available and for a reasonable price again.
    18. The people saw what happened to the good citizens of Australia (nice TRICK). BTW, how is that working out for their crime rate now?
    19. Because bad people exist & they don’t care about the laws.
    20. Because a gun may be the only way a smaller weaker person can effectively protect themselves from bad people.
    21. Bad people can use anything (including their own hands) to kill an unarmed good person.

    Note, the rise in Black Friday sales had nothing to do with sale prices – guns are in such demand that most vendors didn’t have to lower prices of firearms much to sell them.

  65. Simply, no one trusts this president. We worry that he will further infringe on our 2nd Ademendment rights. He has proven time and again that he is willing to take drastic measures, legal or not, to change the country to his will. The most recent example was his lack of knowledge that the country was concerned about the recent Paris and San Bernadino terrorist incidents. In short, he is disconnected, arrogant, naïve, anti-Semetic, and a Black Liberation Theologist. I believe he does love our country, but has an entirely different agenda about how it should be according to his world outlook. When Egyptian TV personalities call our president a “coward” and “on the side of the terrorists” (not that I believe it to be intentional in any way) one must take notice.

  66. Amen to the Old Marine, we as law abiding gun owners don’t need
    another POTUS with her mentality. Keep buying guns and ammo
    and protect your family, because the police depts. of this country are getting their hands tied.

  67. The psychopaths in the executive branch want us disarmed so they can have complete control over our nation. How many millions of people has our government killed in foreign lands in the last decades?

    These are the psychopaths that we are supposed to trust with our lives? They could not give a hoot about any of us, we are just another piece of meat to them, prime for the butcher.

  68. “The remedy for evil men is not the abrogation of the rights of law abiding citizens. The remedy for evil men is the gallows.” Thomas Jefferson

  69. Forget why we buy guns, why does the government see the need to stockpile more ammo than could reasonably be used for training? My thinking is that they are getting ready for Obummer to do something stupid and also raise the price of ammo to make it too expensive for most citizens. Be very careful of the first and the second sure hasn’t worked. I wonder who is carrying to protect Jay, surely not him.

  70. We have learned one thing from Obama – if you disagree with a law, you just ignore it. Same applies for his dictatorial edicts.

    In Federalist No. 46, Madison says, respecting unconstitutional acts of the federal government:
    the People can refuse to cooperate with federal officers [7th para];
    State officials can oppose the feds [7th para];

    Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2015/04/nullification-is-a-natural-right-the-rightful-remedy-for-unconstitutional-laws/#dQlh22mwuJsw4xXC.99

  71. every dictator wanna be must first disarm the people before they can take over a country. it is in the history books at least the ones that have not been re-written. obama knows this and that is why he wants to take all of our guns away. this is not going to happen. no one has hurt our country in its entire history as much as this one man–he will not totally destroy the freedoms that have made America the greatest country in the world. that my friend will be obama’s legacy, like it or not.

  72. i think that because obama is on the news before the most recent victims have bled out he is the one encourage these terrorists to go out and kill again in the hopes that obama can get his way and disarm America wouldn’t that make the terrorists happy?

  73. One, I work in Law Enforcement and know the criminal mindset that sees the unarmed citizenry as nothing more than prey to be exploited. Law Enforcement despite its best efforts is usually limited to just responding to crime and violence.
    Two, the two things that politicians fear the most are free speech and an armed and responsible citizen. Take away the right to keep and bear arms and there will be no more free speech. Just study political history.

  74. Can you imagine the White House Press Secretary making the following statement, ” I understand that there were 190,000 individuals registered to vote on Black Friday. Some of these individuals may have an interest in participating in the political process of this republic while others just want a handout from the government. I don’t understand why, I really don’t. There have been far too many people killed or harmed in this country particularly in large cities Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles and Washington DC by irresponsible voters.”
    Actually that statement has some truth to it, but it will never be said by this administration.

  75. I challenge any politician from any party to examine any crime, committed with firearms or otherwise, and comprise a list of every law broken for said crime…. I’d venture to say that at least 6 broken laws per crime would be a low number. Which leads us to the true question to consider; if a criminal has no regard for the countless laws already in place, what makes anyone think more gun laws will stop criminals from committing crimes with guns? It won’t. It will only strip more rights and liberties from the law-abiding, honest citizens who do not violate the already standing laws. Simple dismantling of the Constitutional Rights of citizens for surreal expectations and false hope. If we want to deter criminals from committing crimes (regardless of the weapons used) we need to take the liberties of the inmates, not the citizens. An eye for an eye when appropriate; otherwise, incarceration needs to be “stripped down” to an undesirable venue; break the laws, you forfeit your liberties until the end of your sentence. Get the ACLU out of the picture, inmates are human and have rights, but they are to be FAR from those we law-abiding citizens enjoy.

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