Facebook To Ban Private Gun-Sale Conversations

Facebook has announced it will no longer allow private gun-sale negotiations to take place on its social-media platform.
Facebook has announced it will no longer allow private gun-sale negotiations to take place on its social-media platform.

Facebook has announced a change in its Community Standards that will ban negotiations of private sales of guns on its social network and Instagram, its photo-sharing service. Licensed gun dealers and gun clubs can still maintain Facebook pages and post on Instagram.

The updated language under Facebook’s Regulated Goods tab reads, “We prohibit any attempts by unauthorized dealers to purchase, sell, or trade prescription drugs, marijuana, or firearms. If you post an offer to purchase or sell alcohol, tobacco, or adult products, we expect you to comply with all applicable laws and carefully consider the audience for that content. We do not allow you to use Facebook’s payment tools to sell or purchase regulated goods on our platform.”

Although Facebook was not directly involved in gun sales, it previously allowed gun sales to be negotiated. The new policy supposedly arose because the company is expanding e-commerce on the site, including allowing users of its Messenger service to send electronic payments to other individual users.

Facebook spokeswoman Monika Bickert, who oversees the company’s product policies, said in a statement,

“Over the last two years, more and more people have been using Facebook to discover products and to buy and sell things to one another. We are continuing to develop, test, and launch new products to make this experience even better for people and are updating our regulated goods policies to reflect this evolution.”

The company did not highlight the substantial legal safeguards built into delivery of firearms whose prices were negotiated online and then paid for. Facebook is based in Menlo Park, California.

Is curtailing private guns sales on Facebook a big deal to you? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments section below:


118 thoughts on “Facebook To Ban Private Gun-Sale Conversations”

    1. The kid who programmed face book is a liberal cool aid drinker and an Obama but kisser. Although he is a computer guru he follows in the foot steps of Bill Gates, computer smart but nothing between his ears as to real life

    2. I agree with William and have already abandoned Facebook. I challenge other patriots to do the same. Here are a couple of places I recommend. gundistrict.com and MeWe.com.

    3. I’m with you. Don’t know how much good it will do though. To many people would rather post their private lives on the net than protest anti gun rederick. Is that how that word is spelled?

    4. I have a license and saw this coming. Personally I do think that these companies are TRAITORS. They should not be allowed to sell anything if they discriminate against guns. Guns are the fabric of our nation the rights are guaranteed in the constitution. ANY BUSINESS DENYING THE PEOPLE THESE RIGHTS ARE TRAITORS!! Obama implemented his criminal policies in Chicago and murder rates in the worst city in the USA have risen over 50%. This city is proof that restricting guns only gives criminals the right to have guns. If they would have allowed people to carry like the constitution says they are allowed. Murder rates would have dropped to less than half of what they are now. Yes these anti gun policies really work. Every one should just shut down their face book accounts and some one will start and new face book that is not a traitor.

    5. I doubt if they’ll have much problem surviving without 2nd Amendment advocates. After all they are the ones putting a stop to firearm sales. I don’t like their actions but it is their site. But you can bet your sweet biffy if they were banning something involving gays, blacks, Muslims or any other type of special interest group all hell would break loose and the government would probably step in to put a halt to it.

    6. I agree.I also feel the ownership has reached the wealth that many who have done the same to be an elitist that is now a globalist. These people know that the only thing in the way of a world government is the U.S. Constitution .And one especially of the 2nd amendment , a key component of a force to confront dictators/corruption etc. in mortal defense of our Republic with it’s Constitution and Bill of Rights. ‘New world order ‘are ALARM WORDS.

    7. Facebook would scream like a smashed cat if they were allowed to only use some of the1st. amendment.
      Bunch of sorry pukes in my opinion.

  1. If FB even once slightly hampers my regular Constitutionally enumerated, God given rights, I will exercise my right of choice to boycott FB without a moment’s hesitation.

  2. There are a lot of people that sell here in South Florida on Facebook. Most specify that purchasers must have a CCW permit as that will keep buyers legit. I also see Facebook closing legit gun shop pages. The computer program can’t find these pages, some anti gunners are tagging the pages for deletion. Funny how ISIS and hate pages can still be up and running. There is a calling for all gun owners/sellers/shooters to BOYCOTT FACEBOOK next Wednesday February 10th 2016. SPREAD THE WORD!

  3. I closed my FB account because of this, it’s like PayPal they don’t like guns either, they need us more than we need them. I hope everyone that owns a gun will close there FB account.

  4. I am subjected to liberals extolling the virtues of. Bernie and
    Hillary. Why can’t they do what I do,scroll past?

  5. If Facebook wants to be an active extension of the political left, it will have to do so without me. I will close my account.

  6. Facebook is joining the other IDIOTS who think “Gun Control” measures are the answer. Limiting Legal Sales between private buyers is stupid. If a sale is posted in Facebook or any other Social Media, it’s already monitored and seller and buyers can be easily found if there is a need. We need “Stupid People” control. If they want to limit things, they should start with their children so they grow up with some respect and a working knowledge of tools, such as firearms. Tools are only as good or bad as the people that use them.

  7. Of course it matters to me and many others but unless your wealthy in this country your opinion and vote for that matter simply doesnt count. If you believe for a second that it does your kidding yourself.


  9. All gun sales should require an effective background check to keep them out of the hands of those who should not have them or else all background checks are useless. This does not deny anyone of his/her 2nd amendment rights. A responsible person would not sell a gun to someone of unknown character.

  10. Facebook, eBay, et al, would likely make less fuss about people doing drug deals online than they do about people trying to avail themselves of activity which is not only sanctioned, but protected by the U.S. Constitution. Time to turn up the heat. At the very least, let them know why you won’t be patronizing their sites anymore.

  11. I agree with Facebook! I have many guns and shoot 3 to 4 times a month {SASS} I believe in gun checks. How do you know who you are selling a gun to? Oh! One is only going to sell to someone they know? I don’t think so!

  12. I plan to stop using facebook and to encourage my friends to do the same. If each gun owner could get 10 family and friends to stop using fb I’ll bet it would change that policy.

  13. I’m in Michigan. As long as the firearm is shipped to a Federal Firearms Licencee ( FFL) and at that point, the background check is done, then there is no problem. I bought a rifle located in Georgia, shipped to an FFL in Michigan. I went through the required paperwork by ATI and now have my rifle. Same thing happens at gunshows.

  14. Well there you go , Based in California that answers everything . Cant wait for that 10.0 earth Quick

  15. You know I have been around Guns all my life (09/15/1955) I have killed deer, moose, coyotes and such. I build AR-10/15s. Can shoot a gallon milk jug at 500yds with my .308 and the ammo I custom reload myself. It is what I do and love! Yes love!
    My heart is into it my life is into it my son is into it my friends are into it people are into it.
    I carry a weapon when I am out to a Mall, movie, driving, with my granddaughter. Did I choose this no! Life has chose this for me.
    So, Facebook don’t choose to feel that all of us are going to use your site in vain! It’s social what we as gun owners do. Buy, sell, trade, talk, live. Yes Guns! It is not a bad word!

  16. Why do the sheep just let themselves be run over? I will very likely close my seldom used fb account. If people believe in a cause, then actions show it. Silence does nothing to protect our freedoms and a self determined action to show if you disaprove of something can have an impact. Let’s not just give lip service and then think we have accomplished something. Take a side and stand by your choice.

  17. Only idiots use social Media .
    Will never use any kind so I don’t give a crap about what Face book does.

  18. Yes it matters. Looking at the bigger picture you can see where rich liberals attempt to stifle the 2A and freedom of speech by owning the venues used in commerce. When does it violate free commerce in trade law across state lines of our nation?

  19. Looks like an opportunity for a progun version.
    There some fair closed to the public gun groups such as Savage 99, 356 Winchester, 375 Winchester etc. The good part is the ease of posting and picture sharing. The negative is no sub forums and no search which limits their usefulness.

  20. It would seem to me that they don’t support the constitution of the United States of America and are actively engaged in subverting it. Russia is a good place to move. I’ll pay for the ticket but it is one way. I’m tired of people in this country taking only the part they want and adding salt to the wound by making millions at it. Call me old and grumpy but also call me a Patriot.

  21. I’ve never purchased a gun off Facebook but I think it’s wrong for Facebook to be doing this. To me it’s just another step on our second amendment rights. I feel that this will be to first step in what, as a free person, people can go out of their way to find a reason to stepped on our personal rights.. What’s next people having fast cars being keep off Facebook or people talking about how to make cars go faster. After all look at the number of injuries and deaths caused by automobiles. Are there cars being sold over Facebook. People drive these cars to run up on the side walk to see how many people they can hit or take their car and try to run through parades to kill people. I think the Facebook should be held partially responsible to those people who got hit by cars that are sold through Facebook. This is just the start of a long line of political correction’s in our new way of life.
    Please God Help us!

  22. I would never buy or sell a gun on facebook, however I am against their decision to limit a persons right to buy or sell through a media outlet.

    1. I’m with you Sherm. However, it is Facebook and it the company wants to lose business and social whatever, so be it. We can vote with our fingers and not visit FB any longer.

  23. Just another example of the anti-gun left leaning folks that run Facebook. They don’t want to look at sensible solutions to gun violence so they as usual make it more difficult for the law abiding citizens to legally purchase a weapon.

  24. Facebook is not the police and has no business trying to regulate guns or anything else! I’m through with Facebook

  25. When or if this happens I will delete facebook from my computer and not be associated with any thing to do with facebook, looks like facebook has sold out to the left. We are no longer a Christian Nation according to dictator Obama and his Chronies. We no longer have freedom of nothing, we are controlled at every turn right down to what our children eat at school, and now Face book has faded in to this same oblivion, should have know it was coming sooner or later, they might be in bed with Soros.

  26. I wonder if this decision violates any interstate commerce laws. Also under federal law any pre 1898 firearm is exempt from gun control act of 1968 and does not require transfer by ffl. Its just another stab at second admendment rights

  27. I have used facebook for buying & selling guns and accessories for a long time and now that they are stopping that i have already stopped using facebook and i hope ever gun owner will do the same thing!

  28. I quit Facebook ( not a typo ) a couple of years ago and do not miss it at all. Plenty of good gun friendly sites out there. When are the 2A supporters going to get fed up with the liberal media bias and stop supporting it?

  29. I don’t think it’s a good thing for the public that appreciates it’s rights.

    It personally doesn’t affect me at all. I don’t use “Facebook” or any of the other “services” that could accumulate any/some info and later it all be assembled by anyone.

    As a retired Tech. I can tell you that the old adage : A human can make a mistake but, it takes a computer to REALLY screw things up !

  30. I don’t think it’s a good thing for the public that appreciates it’s rights.

    It personally doesn’t affect me at all. I don’t use “Facebook” or any of the other “services” that could/can/does accumulate any/all info and later it all be assembled by anyone.

    As a retired Tech. I can tell you that the old adage ,” A human can make a mistake but, it takes a computer to REALLY screw things up !” is more true than most people think.

  31. cancelled my account and blocked all notices. There are many other sites that don’t attempt to limit your choices as per the government sees fit. I am much happier on my new sites, less whiners too!

    1. Hi! Rick , what site is available to sell and/or trade any firearms ? Hope to hear from you soon!Thanks!Berry

  32. I’m to a point with our government and its heavy handedness and those colaberating with them, that yes I am done. It’s time to move on.

  33. In my state, private firearms sales are legal. I would understand banning illegal transactions, but to punish the population in whole is wrong. I for one, will NOT be participating in any E-commerce on facebook! And I can garenntee at least 3%of us feel the same.

  34. The 2nd assures our right to bear arms, facebook should not try to change this by not allowing those who wish to barter guns on their site. I feel that facebook will lose customers in doing this.

  35. I don’t support anyone using Facebook for anything. I don’t want to know or care about anything you want or do with yourself. Facebook isn’t just banning people wanting to purchase or sell firearms, but also is kicking off anyone TALKING about firearms. So, therefore I believe they are going to lose a lot of people on their website. Good.

  36. I will most likely delete my account. I have had the account for four years. I have not sold anything on facebook. My family will follow with deletions. This saddens me that we have a good media site get on one side of politics. This opens the door for the next entrepreneur to make some the law abiding gun owners can use.
    This is what the free maket let them lose the people making the site a success.

  37. It comes as no surprise that FB has done this. Probably run by “Millennials” who want to accelerate the United States into a socialist country where freedom is not valued in the same way our forefathers did.

  38. I agree with Sherm. I did not even know that you could or maybe it just never occurred to me to use face book for a sale or purchase. However I am against anyone trying to dictate actions they disagree with. I have the right to bear arms and there are way too many restrictions and outright bans of my rights. I does not surprise me though FB would take this action. It does surprise me that they would ban the sale of MJ. I thought all good little left wingers were for legal MJ.

  39. I never would use Facebook to buy or sell a Firearm. That being said, it is are 2nd Amendment right to do so. Facebook is as Liberal as it gets. It very interesting to see the Double standard Liberals have, Facebook has no problem collecting information but for us regular people, we need to be Politically correct or the Left wingers say OH NO, you cant do that.

  40. The fact that you have a Facebook account wether or not you trade or sell firearms tells me all I need to know about you.

  41. Items are in place to legally sell,advertise and buy anyone not doing so are jepordising their well being. I believe Facebook is specifically joining the ANTI firearms group to harm the well being of THE USA.

  42. I have a feeling that Facebook will survive without my support, but I disagree with their attempt at undermining the Second Amendment or to be discriminated against while I abide by all state and federal laws

  43. Facebook is in California a State that doesn’t like guns as does EBay. I would never buy a gun that way.

  44. What gives Facebook the right to tell people who can sell and who can buy. Most people that sell on Facebook are honest and they all no right from wrong. All the gun groups are private and members only. Eeveryone knows that you have to have a permit to acquire to purchase a firearm. Most people that make deals have to have proof of their FFL or they have to have proof of their permit to acquire and they also have to have proof of the concealed carry permit to. When signing up for the gun clubs you have to have your name . Once after the people are signed up and they’ve made their name public I don’t think they’re going to make any illegal sales because they’ll be too easy to hunt down. and it’s been proven that on here that they have their names and they’re not gonna take a chance of being put in jail . Now I think Facebook needs to stop all motor vehicle sales all motorcycle sales. How do we know who has not had a DUI or has been arrested for drunk driving so in order to prevent drunk drivers from operating vehicles they need to stop selling vehicles on Facebook.

    1. They aren’t telling people who they can and can’t sell guns. They are just saying, in the terms of service that every Facebook member agrees to, that they can’t sell them on Facebook. No, not everyone needs a permit to buy a firearm either. Not every gun group was private and not everyone in the gun groups uses their real names either. Since this isn’t a 1st Amendment issue, they can limit what gets posted on their site.

  45. MeWe has been taking off, no one trusts facebook anymore. Many people in the firearms/2A/CivilRights community are starting to migrate over. Facebook and the EO’s concerning the “internet loophole” are very suspicious.

  46. Interesting that Midsouth still has the Facebook icon on the website homepage….
    My thoughts:
    If I want to talk/advertise guns there are other, better suited venues than Facebook.
    People have started to think they are dependent on a service that really doesn’t have any obligation to help them. It’s a free service there’s no “rights”. Careful on what you rely on.
    Facebook is a publicly traded company. Not the government….at least lets hope not. They can make policies about how their service is used and we can like it or not. I don’t believe any personal entitlement exist.
    I don’t use Facebook, and I don’t plan on selling my soul to big brother anytime soon. Besides who really cares what I do every five minutes.
    It just opens up the market to better web services that cater to those of us who are second amendment advocates.

    1. We refuse to abandon the 20,000+ people that follow us on social media. We have an obligation to continue to provide content to them. We won’t be bullied away from social media. Nor do we give any $$$ to Facebook. We’ve never advertised with them, we only post sale items on our page, which is totally free. We’ll stay until we’re booted.

  47. Several of us have created a gathering on other sites and left Facebook all together. We are using other Forums etc.

  48. another good example of liberal control and just another reason to not use facebook and it’s products

  49. Cars, boats , motorcycles, and firearms are all regulated products that require state registration and certification of the owner (firearms safety certificate, operating licence and/or insurance). So actually, banning discussion of firearms is simply a political censorship.

  50. I to would never buy or sell a gun on face book , and there are enough other sights out there that well let you buy and sell guns . So if facebook feels it’s not something they want on their sight then so be it. They don’t want to be responsible for sales to the wrong people.

  51. After 30+ years in law enforcement and continuing on in private security I am no longer surprised, saddened and disappointed, but not surprised at the position some corporations take.

    If all believers in our 2nd Amendment would “unfriend” Facebook they just might get the message – then again, ignorance may prevail

  52. I don’t Tweet, hashtag, or anything else like that ! It’s just a haven for identity thieves, and as far as selling guns, I only deal face to face and in cash. I”m “lucky enough” to live in NY state with Napolean Como so all transactions require a NICS check anyway.

  53. I personally have no problem with that ! any sales between persons not related should require a ffl license as far as I am concerned ! But as an NRA member I also support expanded background checks and closing the gun show loop hole as well ! been hunter and shooter all of my life including combat with the USMC . Any other problems are covered by the 2nd amendment if you have the cajones to stand up for it !

    1. Gun Show Loop Hole? Last gun show I was at and bought a gun, I had to go through the Federally mandated background screening and fill out the Federal 4473 form.

  54. In the end our society will relinquish its individual rights to the state. Mostly through ignorance. It will also learn what a huge mistake it made. Seems our congress is holding the line pretty well with regards to the 2A for the time being so the left is attacking from as many angles as it can. Buying and selling private property isn’t a right but it also shouldn’t be vilified when it’s legal. I closed my Facebook account due to this move and that’s too bad. The site was fun.

  55. I am getting so much worthless crap on face book I was thinking about cancelling it. With this decision I think I probably will.

  56. This all comes back to civil duties and common sense. I think people are intelligent enough to not sell their firearms to crazy people or terrorists. That being said, if a crazy or terrorist wants to kill people then they will find a way to do it, regardless of where they got their weapon or what it is. I am against gun regulations, and am a firm believer that “A gun society is a polite society”. Nobody is going to walk into a building full of armed citizens and start shooting people, they will not get far. They always go where people are unarmed, this is not rocket science.

  57. Our freedoms are continuously being chipped away at. It seems “The United States of America” anymore exists in name only.

    1. Where does Facebook get the rights to tell people who they can sale to or buy from. That means Facebook will have to ban all sales of cars and motorcycles. This will be do to not knowing who may or may not has had a DUY on record. This should help cut down on all drunk drivers.

  58. Robert you are vary close to being right. The antis like hellery are chiping away at our rights and soon we wont have a president . Just remember the ROMANS and Adolf

  59. Zuckerberg(sp) is vehemently anti gun, so this comes as no surprise. At some point they will prohibit firearm-related businesses from participating on Facebook. That is coming.

  60. I can’t see how this ” politically correct ” bullcrap by facebook matters to most firearms enthusiasts. Face book is mostly for little girls and people that have too much time on their hands…..

  61. Don’t really care because I don’t use any of the social media. I don’t need my personal information in a collection anywhere especially where the government may be concerned. I believe that social media exists because of the government just like Microsoft giving away Windows 10 where you loose control of what Microsoft puts on your computer using updates. You don’t get anything for free!!!!! I don’t normally make comments on subjects online but I thought I should on this one.

  62. Legal sale of firearms and illegal sale of drugs in the same sentence.Facebook you just SHOT yourself in the foot.

  63. I don’t see how letting people find a product that they are searching for online is bad. Just don’t let them pay for it electronically. Another case of their political views being pushed on their users!

  64. Socialist liberals never cease to amaze me, they talk about compromise the compromise to them is agreeing with them. Why can’t they just go about doing business as usual and leave the lawmaking to the legislatures. The only reason I use Facebook is to communicate with some friends who live far away and people I once worked with. Their actions a shameful and disgusting to a freedom loving people who have made a success out of the greatest experiment of human liberty in the history of the world.

  65. I have purchased a gun using a group on F/B. All info was between the seller and myself. All done per each other’s FFl. No problem, all legal. As far as F/B dictating their liberal content is pure hogwash. They can prevent anything they want, you the public can disassociate from F/B. Be happy, enjoy life, join the NRA, buy a gun!

  66. I have problems with regulating private companies too much. That said i despise a man or organization who would willingly participate in the dehumanization of othere by attempting to remove their natural right to self defense.

  67. I am probably one of the few individuals left that has never had a Facebook account. This policy illustrates perfectly one of the reasons why I will not use this service.

  68. I would not sell or negotiate the sale of any firearms on Facebook or any other social media. So, no this policy change does not bother me in the least. There are much bigger issues in life.

  69. Von – Well my take is this, the way our court system is today if someone sells a gun to someone who shouldn’t have a gun and they go out and slaughter a family with little ones, they are going get sued. Look at the crazy things that people sue for and win for Christ sakes. They have to protect them selves, no one else will.

  70. What do the following 30 companies have in common? Facebook. These are the top 30 companies that spend the most money advertising on Facebook. Think any/some/all would like to hear from people leaving Facebook because of Facebook decision to delete pro Second Amendment groups?

    TURNER TV brands such as CNN, TBS, and TNT

  71. They support every other manner of freedom of speech, deviancy, and perversion under the sun, up to and including nudity, yet, the consensual exchange of data, photos, and perchance a negotiation of firearms, or firearms related equipment, they want to BAN… So much for equality. I’m glad to see other social media sites quickly rising to take the place of Spinelessbook, hopefully this will deal a crushing blow to their ad base…

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