House Democrats Stage Sit-In Over Gun Control


After the Senate didn’t pass four gun control bills a few days ago, Democrats in the House of Representatives have been doing a sit-in until they, too, get to vote on the matter of gun control.

Do you think these Representatives are showing us “what real leadership looks like,” according to Hillary Clinton, or is this just a tantrum by people who are frustrated that the U.S. Constitution is getting in the way of their plans?

Of course, we welcome you to express your opinion pro or con in the comments section below. You can also click the YouTube link on the bottom of the video (which is from the YouTube site of Rep. John Lewis [D-GA]), and offer a thumbs-up or thumbs-down vote on this demonstration. The last time we looked, downvotes were well ahead of upvotes.


83 thoughts on “House Democrats Stage Sit-In Over Gun Control”

      1. If you look at these elderly children, they probably set down on the floor, and at their age, wasn’t able to get back up. I just wish The Speaker would have just turned out the lights, and locked the door behind him, and told these idiots “I’ll see you in 2 weeks”, and just left them sitting on the floor so they could enjoy their nappy time.

    1. It’s not about guns , It’s about Islamic terrorist. It would be like blaming 9-11 on airplanes

    2. I am all for gun control. We should start with a trial run, all democrats are to disarm them selves and their security. There will be no special police or secret service protection provided for any member of congress or the senate, and certainly not for any democratic president, just gun free zone signs.
      Run the test for a year, if it works out just great then we’ll sign on.
      My guess is the gun control measures the cry baby Marxist left embraces would apply only to us, the little peasants, and certainly not the elected royalty.

    3. In Oregon some citizens staged a sit in on Federal property. They were labeled as terrorists. One of them was shot down in a fake traffic stop. The rest were arrested and charged with multiple crimes.
      Looks like the laws only apply to those outside of the DC mafia.

    4. I think that you hit the nail on the head they need to go after the people that they should not us who follow the laws. All more laws do is make it harder for law abiding Americans to protect their family and them selfs. also what people don’t get is that gettig rid of / rewriting the 2nd amendment is opening the door for the goverment to start changing all the amendments untail they have us helpless. I think that it is shameful for them to use the heart brake of others to push their plans to get what they want. This is about islamic torrorist who will do anything they can to try to get control of what ever they can and our goverment is to interested in taking firearms away from the lawabiding americans. p.s. If they do figure out a way to get rid of the 2nd amendment if are stupid enough to think that they will stop there don’t bitch when they start taking away the rest and there is nothing to stop them.

  1. Jackasses! Sorry I can’t think of anything better to say about them….. but I can certainly think of much worse! — NO, this is NOT leadership by any stretch of the imagination! These (those) people have NO respect for the US Constitution, the founders of this great country and surely they do not understand even the beginning of the word “LEARDERSHIP”. I’m sure they don’t even know what the Constitution says let alone how and in what intellectual light it is and was meant to be interpreted. This kind of mentality is just sickening! They are nothing more than a sham and an insult to intelligent, logical and critical thinking.

  2. What next? You going to stomp your feet and hold your breath until you get your way? Did you take an oath to support and defend the constitution of the United States?

  3. My thoughts would be to let ’em sit there as long as they wish. That’s all they ever get accomplished anyway!

        1. Bud, I hate to tell you this, but I’m betting you don’t know what a communist really is. But you sure do like throwing that term around, like it was a magic talisman.

  4. I have said for years, “There’s nothing a Democrat won’t do.”
    No one should be surprised at this most current tantrum.
    Republicans may not always be super smart about politics. But
    I can’t imagine anyone who loves liberty voting for a Democrat.

    1. No reason to feed the troll, Comrade. He is posting the same crap in several articles.
      The fact that Joe Lewis, and the rest, used his (Lewis) civil rights legacy to attempt to strip others of their civil rights to due process, and private property, is disgusting. Again, we see what would be lawless tyranny if perpetrated by the right, is acceptable, and praised, behavior for the left. Horseradish!

  5. LIBERALS: Good they recognize the problem. Gun violence! Not a solution one is or has been given that will stop criminal gun violence! Taking guns away from law abiding Americans won’t stop this criminal threat, only inforcement of laws already on the books will stop felonious gun crimes. The same laws that liberal politics ignore and break until they the government get caught and exposed!

  6. Who is protecting these jerks ? I want to keep my guns not only to protect me and my family from people who want to harm us , but also protect us from our crooked GOVERNMENT.
    Enough is enough , dumb-o-crates , your con game isn’t working anymore , we the people are fed up with your lies. You lie , Clinton lies, people die and you must think we are stupid. Thank GOD you all will be voted out soon and we will bring this great country back to it’s greatness.

    1. HILLARY 2016 ……………………………………………………………………………………………………FOR PRISON !! Too much blood on BOTH the CLINTON HANDS ….

      1. mark, if you are going to condemn those who have blood on their hands, look no further than Dubya, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, There actions resulted in more than 5000 US military personnel killed in combat and upwards of 1 million civilians.

        1. I don’t disagree with the fact that there has been too much loss of life but it’s not isolated to Repubs so don’t try to say it is because we still have troops in the Middle East and under Slick Willy there was massive loss of life in the Middle East but I suppose the glasses you wear won’t show that color. At least the Repubs didn’t have an ex KKK recruiter as a senator. Robert Byrd. All politicians need to go and that’s both sides!

          1. Now Bud, I think you’ve been whacking your pudd too much. I don’t remember a huge number of American lives lost in the middle east when Bill Clinton was President. Please refresh my memory.

            Also, don’t be moving the goal posts. Robert Byrd, who admitted his earlier prejudices, spent the last few years of his life trying to rectify his earlier transgressions.

  7. These people have never had a incident where they were threatened for thier life. I’m sure they would sing a different tune.

  8. I would just like to know when is the American people going to wake up and see what those Worthless Sheep Democrats are going to do with our great nation. They think they know what is best for us. We are Stupid under them. Wrong The American people can stand up to these fool’s and say no. America was built on the freedom of our past. We can’t allow our nation to be taken apart by those Democrat fool in Washington. I say to hell with those cry babies setting on the floor because they can’t get their way.

  9. Revisit Charlie Rangel’s elitist statement on who’s entitled to a gun. Should be in profit all his antics.

  10. Sad, very sad, to see the supposed leaders of this country act in this manner. You were put in your positions to do a job. Uphold the constitution. You are acting like a bunch of kindergarteners not getting their ice cream. All of you need or must!! Be removed and replaced with competent Men and Women who will stand for the People and our constitution!! You all are a disgrace!!

  11. Noticed that the armed officer on the scene was not effective. Wasn’t he one of the first ones shot? So much for the more guns argument

    1. If you would have attention the shooter in and took the armed guard out first thing upon entering the door, negating any interference .

    2. If the patrons in that bar had not had their constitutional rights impinged upon there would have been far fewer casualties that day. Disarmed Americans are targets. Do you think the terrorists don’t know where to go to find disarmed Americans? Look at the statistics.

  12. It would seem, the Democrats are actually showing their immaturity by staging this sit-in. What they truly deny, is that any inanimate object cannot, nor will not, do anything of its own Accord.
    Secondly, they should really understand, any true assault rifle is designed and manufactured for military purposes only. True assault rifles have the capability of select fire, meaning they are both, capable of semi and fully automatic firing modes.

  13. People that claim to be champions of civil rights, want to take rights away from US citizens. HL Menchen was right when he wrote “the only politician you can trust is one with a pistol pointed at his head.

  14. It was an interesting example of how effective the legislation they were promoting would be.

    They want to make it illegal to (fill in the blank). Giving the rest of the Citizens new rules to follow and new laws to be governed by.

    The curious part comes from them taking pictures of “video” of themselves in the legislative chambers when, according to the news commentator I was listening to, is AGAINST THEIR RULES! Scoff laws, the bunch of them.

    The lesson I would hope they and voters will take from this display is that having rules does not ensure anyone will follow them. Wonder what the penalty for violation of that legislative protocol of not taking pictures, etc. in chambers is.
    Hopefully they will punish themselves to the full extent of the law. Ha!

  15. Acting like little spoiled brats. When they had control of the house and Senate they would not bring any Republican item to a vote, stonewalled everything. Just shows how bad career politicians need to be put out to pasture. Most of the laws they passed when they had control of Congress has caused more deaths of innocent children and law abiding citizens than criminals have taken with firearms.

  16. Wake up!!!!Guns DON’T KILL!!!!! I don’t have a gun that kills!!!!! PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE AND HAVE BEEN DOING IT SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME!!!! You liberal democrats don’t get it. We the people of the USA believe in our constitution and all it stands for. If you can’t stand for what it has written in it ………. THEN STEP DOWN AND GO LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!! B

  17. If Paul Ryan wasn’t an Obama stodge he would have run the democrat socialist off the floor of the House.

  18. Should have turned off the air conditioning and recessed. Then we would have known if they were the determined lawmakers they claim to be.
    Should you be in church Sunday and someone tells you he is a democrat then ask him to justify being a democrat versus how a christian should really believe. There should be quite a difference….

    1. It is impossible to be a Republican and a Christian. Christ’s teachings are antithetical to the Republican party.

      If you think I am wrong, please provide a single precept of the Republican Party which is supported by the red-lettered parts of the New Testament. Provide relevant verses.

      1. You are on every article ranting liberal non sense. If you don’t know many are fed up with party system. Where I’m at there is a large portion of voters that are registered democrats. With that being said they are more conservative than the republicans serving in Washington. I am a little bit dumbfounded as how a republican can’t be a Christian? I know die hard republicans that are just as die hard christians! I’m not talking about the acting christian I mean 100% living it and the best people ever. I never said democrats couldn’t or are not christians either. Now most will argue but our constitution and republic was built and based off christian beliefs and teachings. Anyone with any logical deductive thinking can figure out that liberals of today do not follow or believe in these beliefs or our constitution as the founding fathers meant it to be.

  19. Unfortunately the Dems in Congress are just like our so called President. Spoiled Brats that pitch a temper tantrum whenever they don’t get their way. Even their own people admit that none of the gun bans or laws they propose would have kept any of the past violent attacks from happening.
    Its time for them to grow up or go home and quit destroying “OUR COUNTRY”. Its time they upheld “OUR CONSTITUTION” instead of tearing it apart.

  20. The deems acted like little children who didn’t get their way. Very petty and infantile

  21. Same ole same ole feces. They have “NO” solution. Hey, enforce the laws already on the books.
    James P

  22. I used to leave my children when they acted this way, can we leave these Democrats and start a new House of Reps?

  23. The Dems wouldn’t know leadership if it hit them over the head. Just another instance of Occupy Wall Street, but from elected Representatives NOT representing their constituents. Mainly they are showing their ability to act like jackasses.

  24. These temper tantrum throwing, child-like acting idiots are what we have running our country!!?. And some people actually think they are doing a good job….?
    They and the fools who continue to elect them should be spanked, (because it wouldn’t be politically correct to put them in a bag with bricks and drop them all in a deep river).

    Just another knee jerk action to make the folks at home think they are doing something.

    Even the biggest idiot can see that the Orlando gun purchase was a failure of ‘existing laws’ and intelligence. What the brats above are wanting wouldn’t have changed a thing.

    The sorry state of our government has resulted in the sorry state of our nation. Making America proud of itself again will make people glad to be here and the bad things done as a result of disillusionment will diminish.

    Electing the Hildabeast will be the end of us. Electing Trump just might put some common sense to work.

  25. It’s not about guns, it’s about Islamic terrorists. It would be like blaming 9-11 on airplanes!!!!!!!!

    1. Anyone who thinks Orlando was about Islamic terrorism is either misinformed or is an imbecile. He pledged allegiance to three different Islamic tourist groups all of which are sworn to kill the other two. The guy was a closet queer who most likely was thrown over by his gay lover and decided to take it out on other queers.

  26. Send them cases of diapers. Let them sit there til they get voted into unemployment. Can FBI statisticians be brought in to testify before them about actual crime statistics while their sitting in? The truth might alarm them as to how wrong they are about gun crimes.

  27. The Dems will be outlawing spoons & forks next , causes folks to be oversize an have high blood pressure . They are a joke!!!

  28. All of this BS is well an good but if all the God loving people White and Black and Hispanic don’t come together you see what is unfolding. I’m not well educated in words as some but I can get my point over. The niggers , white and black will get what they want by doing just what they did yesterday and just like they did in Alabama and Georgia and other states. By Persevering will take the day. Wild Bill Spurgeon full blooded American God bless America

    1. Poor Bill. 1) God has nothing to do with it. 2) You are obviously a bigoted racist. 3) You are correct. You’re “…not well educated in words…”

  29. They turned their Sit-In into a plea for money, that’s what it was all about, a fundraising stunt, if brains were gasoline all the democrats in Congress put together wouldn’t have enough to drive a pissant go-cart around the inside of a Cheerio.

    1. Ryan called it on CNN, with Wolf Blitzer, that evening; The dems wanted a vote they knew they would lose in order to paint repubs as desiring to arm terrorists. This agenda also was clear to me twice during the illegally televised sit-in: 1. When asked if they would win the vote of “No Fly, No Buy,” a dem responded by stating it did not matter, it should be put to a vote. *Why hold a vote on something if you have no confidence in winning, aside from seizing on the opportunity of painting the enemy in a negative frame? It should be noted, this is Saul Alinsky (sp?) methods at their finest. A man who was admired greatly by Barry O. Alinsky (sp?) taught to win in public perception, you should look in a mirror, find all the things you dislike about yourself, and project it upon your opponent. It is well known as Barry threatened Assad he provided weapons with great looseness to Syrian rebel groups–Da’esh. I sure do recognize and have vast experience with several of my enemies’ rifles, and I am not referring to the Kalashnikov model.
      2. When the senator from the Fine Republic of Texas (no bias :0)) sounded off with the fact guns were not the culprit, radical islam was, he was immediately accused of wanting to arm terrorists and prodded with the absurd question of why he wanted to do such. *This was a set-up in order to misdirect public perception, and attack the rights of law abiding citizens. When these absurdities occur, I ask myself; “If they are so concerned about me owning a firearm, what is their plan for my future?” Something to consider, folks.

  30. Wow, so these are the antics to be used when the goal is attacking our constitutional rights. I wish they would protest this way to get their leader to get serious about the terrorist scum!
    What’s with this gun violence rhetoric, a gun is no more responsible for violence than a car is for drunk driving. They don’t act on their own they are inanimate objects, so let’s be real. These people want you unarmed that’s their agenda and they hate that you have that constitutional right to protect yourself. It’s all about controlling every aspect of your life. WISE UP!

    1. What constitutional right are you referencing? According to DC vs. Heller, you do not have a constitutional right to own an assault rifle. You also do not have a constitutional right to purchase a firearm without a background check. So, I am curious as to what constitutional right you feel may be violated.

      1. Roger,
        Define “assault rifle”. An “AR-15 is not an “assault rifle”. It is a “semi-automatic rifle”, one pull of the trigger fires one round. The same as any other “semi automatic gun”. I can take a Ruger 10/22 “semi automatic rifle” and make it look like a so-called ‘”assault rifle”. Same type of action. You people are uneducated regarding firearms. Just like all politicians you think you’re experts in everything. You have knee-jerk reactions to every tragedy that comes along, never looking at the real cause or root of the problem. Chicago is a “gun free” city, yet has daily killings by guns. By taking away the right of law abiding citizens to own a gun you deny them self defense and to be at a disadvantage, and the criminals love that. Yet all the politicians make sure they are well protected. I’ll bet you have a fire extinguisher in your home. Why? The fire department is just a phone call away. By the time they get there your house will be gone. So will your life if you have to wait for the police to arrive to protect you after they take away your guns.

  31. The are DIMWITS , Brain Dead Zombies the Walking Dead and they are so Stupid they don’t Know Crap from Apple Butter .
    Just look at them they all look like the belong in a ZOO in Cuba .
    Only in America can BULL S*** like tis happen .

    1. Oh, my! What an incredibly intelligent comment. You seem to think personal attacks are a sign of superior intelligence. Not a single lucid argument against what they did. I crown you king of the second grade.

  32. Bad people always have a means to acquire guns in spite of any restrictive laws put in place . Why would they want to punish the good people who simply owe a gun for sport or defend themselves? The second amendment was passed by our forefathers for very good reason, and remember this is the “second amendment” , must have been important enough to be the second! Huh, I think it may have been something like “the British are coming”! Would this not be a different country if at that time in our history most every farmer and many others did not poses a weapon to defend what we believe in! I for one do not want to solely place my trust in any government..

  33. I believe the fact that they presented 2 pointless “common sense ” gun bills, which thay had only presented for show, that were then amended and proposed again with 5th admendmet checks added by Republican senators, (which is that compromise they’re always crying for) which they in turn blocked demonstrates that it is simply political okie doke, done purely to demonize the opposition, as inhuman and therfore not deserving any form of respect, or consideration, which is then repeated by all of the government propaganda tabloids, in the hopes of convincing all “low info voters” to give the Democrats the house and the Senate in the next election

    The real primary error in logic is. “we must do something even if it is the wrong thing”, fallowed by “post hoc ergo procto hoc”

    Tedy, and the current comander are wrong.
    The best thing to do is the right thing.
    The next best thing to do is nothing.
    The worst thing to do is the wrong thing because we are to upset to be able to think clearly.
    It is our wits that make us men.

  34. I think that all the democrats involved in the sit in should be prosecuted as domestic enemies and hung. the solution to all the problems is not that complex, the problem is the solution does not fit in with the liberal ajenda. They took an oath to defend the constitution and are not living up to it, in fact are trying to destroy the constitution. I would imagine the founding fathers are spinning in their graves.

  35. July 1, 2016 should be the first annual second amendment day celebrated by everyone going to their local gun store and buying a brand new AR-15 or similar item as a celebration of the right to keep and bear arms. Stand strong and show our strength in solidarity as brothers and sisters in arms. Send a collective message to congress that we the people are speaking, do you hear us now? Celebrate Independence Day with your new “Trophy of Freedom.”

  36. Rep. Lewis you say nothing has been done about gun violence. However, I have seen at least 50 years of gun laws after gun laws and it has shown that gun laws placed on the law abiding citizens of this country DO NOT WORK. Politicians passing guns laws has only served to get you re-elected by people who think you are doing something right. That is not the case. Now at this time when the president is letting muslims into our country with not the slightest attempt to determine if they are ISIS terrorists, you now want to take away my ability to protect myself and my family. I am sick of this behavior from our legislators. YOU DON’T HAVE ANY ANSWERS to this problem. The entire lot of you should step down and let people with the answers step in. Keep spewing your anti-gun mantra, and I will continue to help fund and vote for the people with the answers.

  37. I love Midsouth Shooters Supply, but speech is not free if moderated. Have a great weekend!

  38. It’s nice to see that the Dems let the terrorists “win” by stripping loyal US Citizens of their rights or tampering with them until they are not valid any more. Way to go – by the way, we’ll remember you at election time….

  39. When are these retards going to realize that passing restrictive gun legislation hurts only the good guys. NEWS FLASH: The bad guys aren’t going to abide by ANY gun control laws or legislation no matter how restrictive. You’re only hurting the honest law-abiding citizens. What part of that fairly simple concept do you not understand?

  40. This is exactly the kind of heinous act that justifies our existence. At such a time of tragedy, let us not reach for the low-hanging fruit of blaming the killer’s guns. Let us stay focused on the fact that someone hated gay people so much they were ready to kill or injure so many. A human being did this. The human being’s tools are unimportant when compared to the bleakness of that person’s soul. I say again, GUNS did not do this. A human being did this, a dead human being. Our job now is not to demonize the man’s tools, but to condemn his acts and work to prevent such acts in the future.

  41. It only highlights the ignorance of these democrat fools wanting more gun laws when they have no clue what laws are already on the books that they are failing to enforce. If the gun violence statistics from the top five cities in America, ALL DEMOCRATIC CONTROLLED, were subtracted from the US total America would be in the bottom 10% of gun crimes world-wide! They have an agenda to disarm the people so they can gain more control over us. Democrat = Communist Dictatorship down the road.

  42. The disgusting democrats that acted like disgusting democrats because they cannot control the actions and thoughts of republicans and Americans that are very grateful for the freedom provided by the Constitution and who defend the Constitution which includes the Second Amendment. I totally agree with Trump’s assessment of Clinton when he stated that she was deplorable and an obvious liar. It will be a very sad day for the U.S. if she were to be elected by disgusting democrats.

  43. Government leaders both state and federal should be held to a higher standard of civil obedience, and we should demand and expect that from them. Actions such as this will only lead to more civil disobedience from the general public putting more lives and our freedoms at risk. Remember this while standing in the voting booth.


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