Shooting (Better) Part 2 Natural Point of Aim


Last time I hit the basics of using an iron sight system. Of course, there’s more… Continue reading Shooting (Better) Part 2 Natural Point of Aim

Ultimate Reloader Celebrates 200 Video Milestone


If you haven’t started watching the videos provided by Ultimate Reloader, you’re missing out. As you well know, you don’t stop learning, especially those of us in the reloading community. It’s because of good folks like Gavin at Ultimate Reloader, we’re able to pass on correct information to every new reloader out there. We’re excited to help announce the 200th upload to the Ultimate Reloader cadre of videos.

“When I started Ultimate Reloader, I had no idea I would ever produce 200 videos, acquire 29,000 subscribers, and rack up nearly 8,000,000 views (averaging 40,000 views per video!). Today I’ve met those goals! It’s been a lot of work, a lot of fun, and has been one of the most satisfying experiences in my life. I really enjoy engaging with you all, and working with partners.” -Gavin Gear


As with all things, the techniques have been refined over time. Congratulations to Gavin, and Ultimate Reloader for hitting this huge milestone! You can see the entire article on the 200th video right here!

22plinkster Takes On the New Ruger Mark IV


Check out the latest video from our friend, 22plinkster takes a closer look at the Ruger Mark IV 22LR Pistol. With several new innovations, as well as an easier take-down method, the Ruger Mark IV lives up to the recent hype.

Watch, as Plinkster puts it through it’s paces with some distance shots, as well as his usual entertaining approach to shooting.

What are your experiences with Ruger firearms?

NSSF: Facts Do Not Stop Hillary From Vilification of Firearm Retailers


Thanks to our friends at the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), another window into Hillary’s gun control agenda and tactics has been opened. Here is the full release from the NSSF. Continue reading NSSF: Facts Do Not Stop Hillary From Vilification of Firearm Retailers

7.62X51 vs. .308 Win.


By Glen Zediker:

I hope by now that most folks do know there is a difference between 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington. Either way, I’ll be hitting that topic eventually, and the reason is because it really matters! Continue reading 7.62X51 vs. .308 Win.

Ammo Handling


By Glen Zediker:

Last time we talked about case lube, and also about getting it gone. This time, let’s talk about storing ammo. Concerns and cautions aren’t necessarily only applicable to those looking to store a lot of ammo for a very long time. Nope. Ammo can “go bad” pretty quickly. Continue reading Ammo Handling

Shooting (Better)


By Glen Zediker:

Most gun folks are gearheads. Me too. We like all the tech, and the industry, and its published works, are devoted to tech. However! Continue reading Shooting (Better)

22plinkster takes the Taurus Judge for a spin


Let’s take a break from the ordinary, and hang out with 22plinkster, doing what he does best: Trick Shots! Only this time, he takes a break from his usual rimfire series, and goes all wheel gun!

Our pal 22plinkster puts the Taurus Judge through it’s paces on it’s 10th anniversary. The pistol has been reviewed and tested to death, so there’s no one better suited to come up with a fun way to show off just what the Judge can do.

The Judge Plinkster uses has a 3″ cylinder, allowing for both 410 bore, as well as 45 colt ammunition. He’ll use both to go from what he considers mundane, splitting a playing card, to much more difficult shot series.

Check out the video below, and happy anniversary to Taurus, and the Judge!

How many of you use, or carry the Judge?

Ultimate Reloader: LEE Pistol Dies


If we were to ask you what kind of dies you started out with, there’s a good chance you’d respond with some caliber of LEE dies. Gavin, with Ultimate Reloader, takes us back through the LEE Pistol Dies, like it’s the first time.

“My very first set of reloading dies were LEE 44 Magnum pistol dies that came with the LEE Pro-1000 press that I started out with. Since then, I’ve acquired many more sets of LEE dies ranging from 30-06 to 9mm to 45 ACP to 357 SIG and quite a few in between. LEE Pistol Dies (technically handgun dies, but I’ll use the term “pistol” to cover both autoloader and revolver here) are some of the most popular dies because of their combination of features and value. In this post, I’ll cover the different die sets that LEE offers, compare features, and I’ll even show a demonstration of setting up some dies on a progressive reloading press!”

Feel free to hit this link to check out the full article on Ultimate Reloader!

Check out Midsouth Shooters selection of LEE Dies HERE:

and watch the video from Ultimate Reloader below!

How many of you are still using LEE dies and products today?