White House School Safety Report Recommends Gun Confiscation Orders


Seems that the Trump Administration is supporting “Red Flag Laws.” This is disconcerting stuff folks, confusing to say the very least. READ MORE

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SOURCE: Breitbart, others

On December 18, the White House released results of its School Safety Commission findings. Notable within the content of the 177-page report:

“The Commission endorses Extreme Risk Protection Order laws, which give authorities a temporary way to keep those who threaten society from possessing or purchasing firearms.”

Breitbart quoted Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s preview of the report: “Our report endorses states adoption of extreme risk protection orders, which temporarily restrict access to firearms to individuals found to be a danger to themselves or others.” DeVos stressed that the White House wants the confiscatory orders structured in a way that is “cognizant of due process protections and respectful of Second Amendment liberties.”

Such orders, often referred to as Red Flag Laws, already exist in California and Florida. A few months ago, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) noted the push for red flag laws post-Parkland, saying, “Anti-gun interest groups and politicians have used the Parkland shooting to launch what, until recently, they regarded as a distant dream — a wave of state legislation authorizing the confiscation of firearms.”

Looks like it’s upon us. Stay tuned. Closely.

Here’s NRA-ILA official statement:NRA statement

White House official report page:

Watch this one folks…

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4 thoughts on “White House School Safety Report Recommends Gun Confiscation Orders”

  1. While we have all been patting ourselves on the back for keeping the wicked witch from being POTUS , we chose to ignore the truth of who Trump was and is . A wise man once said , “The lesser of two evils , is still evil” . The NRA is NOT your friend . Patriots , Prepare accordingly , and Get right with your God !

  2. While the Whitehouse may want due process on confiscation orders, also known as Red Flag Laws, most states that have instituted these laws have no due process included in them. The results so far are not encouraging. I have read of at least one case where one person subject to it was killed by police. Another instance where an innocent person had his guns taken simply because a underage relative told his friends he had access to this relative’s guns. There was no proof that this was the case but the authorities came in and confiscated all his weapons anyway.

  3. This is just another way for gun banning politicians to take guns away from law abiding citizens. Notice that there is nothing here talking about stopping crime or street gangs or terrorists. Just another way to take guns away from you. Do you have a neighbor who you complained about loud beer parties or a neighbor who has a barking dog or someone at your job who doesn’t like you? Well they can call the police and say you are a “threat” to them or yourself and the police come to your house with guns. drawn and take away your guns and take you to a nut house!

  4. DeVos stressed that the White House wants the confiscatory orders structured in a way that is “cognizant of due process protections and respectful of Second Amendment liberties.”
    Sorry but that sounds like a load of bullcrap. The president himself said “take the guns first, due process later”.

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