Wal-Mart Expands Their Anti-Gun Agenda


What the absolute heck is Wal-Mart doing? Once a proud symbol of American Capitalism, and the face of big-box retail, Wal-Mart continues to alienate it’s base of consumers with another knee-jerk reaction prodded by woke-troopers and social justice warriors.

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by Midsouth Shooters

Wal-Mart has been steadily rolling back their support of the Second Amendment since 1993 when they stopped the sale of all handguns in every state except Alaska. Then, in 2015 it ended the sale of AR-15 style MSR rifles, and any toy or airgun resembling any “military-style rifle used in mass shootings,” per the published Wal-Mart policy. Last year, it raised the minimum age for gun purchases from 18 to 21, two weeks after 17 students and teachers were killed in a shooting at a high school in Parkland, FL.

Just this past week, Wal-Mart rolled out another set of policies after the recent shooting at a Wal-Mart Super Center in El Paso, TX. The shooting resulted in 22 deaths and 24 injuries. Patrick Crusius, a 21-year-old from Allen TX, was arrested shortly after the shooting and charged with capital murder. Police believe he published a document, described by others as a white nationalist, anti-immigrant manifesto, on 8chan shortly before the attack, citing inspiration from that year’s Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand.

Wal-Mart CEO, Doug McMillon was quoted as saying:

“After selling through our current inventory commitments, we will discontinue sales of short-barrel rifle ammunition such as the .223 caliber and 5.56 caliber that, while commonly used in some hunting rifles, can also be used in large capacity clips on military-style weapons,” Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said in a memo to employees on Tuesday.

Wal-Mart has also stated in it’s newly minted policy they will no longer sell handgun ammo. McMillon previously said Walmart was responsible for 2% of firearm sales in the US and 20% of ammunition sales. Walmart expects its share of ammunition sales to drop to between 6% and 9% as a result of the newly announced changes. The company will continue to sell the shotguns and rifles that it carries.

“In a complex situation lacking a simple solution, we are trying to take constructive steps to reduce the risk that events like these will happen again,” McMillon said in a memo to employees on Tuesday. “The status quo is unacceptable.”

Another rider on the new Wal-Mart policy affects customers who open-carry in their stores. If shoppers openly carry guns into Walmart stores going forward, store managers may ask the shopper to leave and safely secure their gun in their vehicle before returning to the store. “The policies will vary by location, however, and shoppers who are openly carrying guns may not always be asked to leave the store,” a Walmart spokesman said.

“We encourage our nation’s leaders to move forward and strengthen background checks and to remove weapons from those who have been determined to pose an imminent danger,” McMillon said. “We do not sell military-style rifles, and we believe the reauthorization of the Assault Weapons ban should be debated to determine its effectiveness.”

In the days since the new policies have taken effect, Kroger, and it’s holdings have also announced their plans to cease the sale of handgun ammunition.

It’s the belief of this writer the precedent set here is a slippery, if not inherently dangerous one. Capitalism is the lifeblood of any strong economy, and works hand-in-hand with a strong republic, but allowing a company to be swayed by social temperature is inherently dangerous, not only for the company, but the population at large.

In a quote from 2007, Jason Hornady of Hornady Ammunition said, “As long as a Hornady is at Hornady, we will never sell direct to Wal-Mart. They are no friend of the industry.”

Midsouth Shooters was founded on the tenants of honesty, family, and fairness, rooted in American and God. For a company, or organization, to be swayed by knee-jerk reactions sets a precedent of allowing the mob to dictate overreaching policies which put many in harms way. Effectively, Wal-Mart has been bullied into cow-towing to the social justice warriors, and woke-ninjas in the vocal minority.

Wal-Mart may not sell the ammo you need, and more companies beholden to the pressure of the vocal minority may follow suit. Midsouth will continue to sell the ammunition and reloading supplies you need, regardless. Our Second Amendment right is a sacred right, and for you to protect your family with the tools available, you need access to fairly priced ammunition and firearms.


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    1. Target is on my list because of the bath room issue. Now Wal-Mart and a few others who think they can bow down to a bunch of liberals

          1. I totally agree about gun control. It is a needless regulation. I read something on the internet the other day which I think explains it quite well;
            A flock of sheep were grazing in the pasture and were attacked by a mountain lion. The lion killed one of the sheep and it was noted by the rest of the flock that the lions teeth actually did the killing. The flock had a meeting and decided that they should relinquish their teeth in order to keep this from happening within the flock, which they did. Some will understand this and some won’t, if you don’t you are a sheep.

    2. If everyone on this forum who is saying that they will no longer shop at Wal-Mart would take the time to write, and I mean hand write, an old fashioned, snail-mail letter to the CEO of Wal-Mart expressing their outrage at their store’s actions against American Citizens 2nd Amendment rights, I think it would make a real statement. Can you imagine the CEO of a publicly traded company coming out in opposition to ANY of the other rights contained in the Bill of Rights? What would you do if Wal-Mart came out tomorrow against the right of free speech or against freedom of worship?
      Blogging on the internet is fine, as is boycotting any company who attempts to curtail any your civil rights. But I’m telling you, flooding Wal-Mart’s corporate offices with thousands and thousands of hand written letters of outrage will make a real statement! Get to writing!

    3. Your choice, it’s a free country. I am sure Wal-Mart owners also support Trump and, while I detest the man, I still shop at Wal-Mart. Under our Capitalist economy suppliers respond to the will of the majority of the people.

  1. They believe they are going to make a difference but i noticed that they are going to “sell through their existing inventory” if they really believed in what they are doing they would eat that inventory and destroy it. BUT no we dont want to loose any money.

    1. See my comments below, No CCW person in the store to take out the perp, Just yell at the shooter and say “WAIT while I run out to my car to get mine to help defend all the shoppers and myself in the store!”

      1. Why would a concealed carrier not be able to have their sidearm in Walmart? The policy was for Open Carry, not Concealed Carry.

        1. I conceal carry and will continue to carry when I go to Walmart. If they ask me to leave then I will no longer patronize their store.
          The wording was “open carry” and should not affect concealed carry.

      2. Stop showing your ignorance. All they said was ‘open carry’. They said nothing about concealed carry. They also said that open carry was a request and that it would be inforced on a store by store basis. By inforced I mean a ‘request’ for you to leave. Try reading the article before posting and spewing garbage. BTW,,,I’m totally against Walmart’s position and a 100% pro 2nd Amendment supporter. We just don’t need false ststements.

  2. While growing up the biggest deterrent for me for committing a wrong doing or a crime was being caught, being held accountable and facing the consequences.
    I guess society has changed. As a Veteran and retired law enforcement officer the only and simpilest solution to control these horendous acts and mass slaughter of innocent Americans is to impose a mandatory and quick death sentence for anyone committing a crime while using a firearm. It may not solve the problem 100% but it will be a detterent by getting into the minds of individuals thinking about it.

    1. Finally a LEO who understands the issues and how to resolve them. I totally agree with you. I’m a VET myself. I’ve always carried a firearm since I was just a child of 11. i personally believe and I’m sure I may be totally wrong, but I think some Liberals and Democrats have some kind of hand in these mass shootings. It would be something this low for them to gain massive control of the Second Amendment. If you remember in the military the term of ‘False Flag” operations in WWII & Vietnam they would say “There are guns in here and we taking this place apart to find them.” This tactic is still employed by our government. Remember WACO? That was a bad for all involved. But it proves my point

      1. I have relatives who are Liberals/Leftists and I’ve asked them before if they think it’s OK to lie, cheat, murder, etc to meet their political ends, and all of them have said something to the effect of “Well, you do what you have to do to achieve your goals.” These “people” have no moral compass – nothing stops them from committing attrocities (remember: Morality is Relative in their minds). So, yes, its’ very possible – and highly likely that some of these shootings are staged – and practically every one of them is BY a Liberal (even the Texas shooter was a Leftist on every subject except Immigration).

    2. Many years ago, I read a psychological study that concluded that if a child didn’t develop the ability to determine right from wrong by the age of 5, the only thing that would prevent them from doing “bad” things or, harming others was the fear of punishment. It’s not the fear of punishment that motivates me… it’s the knot I would feel in my chest, the bad dreams, the regret and shame I would carry for having harmed anyone.
      Simple morality (yes, the Golden Rule) has gone down the toilet in today’s society. The rule is no longer “doing the right thing”, it’s “what can I get away with”!

        1. If you believe that, you accept that cows give beer and horses fly. President Trump is highly disciplined, well educated and extraordinarily successful. His “simple morality” is remarkably sound considering he was proof-tested (gun-term) doing business in New York City, nation- and world-wide, as well as against utterly ruthless political opposition. He delivers on promises (remarkable), employed tens of thousands, paid enormous taxes and did well for himself, his family, stockholders and a well deserving , loyal workforce. Even his ex-wives like the guy and fired employees respect him. And, he wins for us (USA).

        2. Leave the only real President we have had since Reagan out of this. You liberal morons try to blame the guy for everything except for the good he has accomplished and these deeds will only grow in number as he serves our this term and the next 4 years. Read it and weep because it is true, what democrat out of the 20 running has a chance to defeat Trump? You can’t tell me that you would want Biden, Sanders, or Pocohontas as our president. The world laughed their ass off when Obama was president just think what they would do with one of these losers at the helm. God forbid.

    3. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I was raised with the same values. “Wait until your father gets home” was deterrent enough, and it started at a very young age. It carried all the way through highschool. By that time it was well work ethics and values were well established.
      I support a quick and non-public resolution to crimes committed with a firearm. No public forum for any of them. It is all about their ten minutes of fame. Keep them nameless!

    4. Mass shooters are almost always either mentally unbalanced or fanatics driven by religious or political zealotry. They aren’t concerned with surviving their criminal act, much less their fate two or more years afterward. For Muslims, execution simply means martyrdom. The only practical, effective answer is immediate, accurate return fire.

    5. You are on the right track. I propose we bring back public hanging for anyone committing a mass murder of any description. One trial, one appeal, one short rope, one long drop.

    6. I would have to agree with that statement. Go looking at the past where people have been slaughtered / killed. The person or persons are in prison wasn’t tax money on lawyers and court rooms. Does anyone know what it cost to house and take care of someone in prison? Look it up! Sorry to say also look up people who are here illegally and what it cost to take care of them and there families. Which the earnings they make are not taxed or accounted for. They send it to their people back home. If they kill someone or get it to trouble they just go home and all the monies we spend either to find and bring them back as so we can pay for them here or we leave them there with no punishment. Not meaning to go in all directions here. But you take a look at where we are in this mess.
      1) guns, whom really uses them poorly?
      Criminals, gangs, people / kids that have, mental or stress problems ( why because we have laws now that if you spank your kid for doing BAD things your in trouble.)” we are not talking about betting your kid” So they have no discipline or respect. 80% of parents do nothing. So little Johnny is playing war games and on the snap chat or whatever else there is now. Being picked on or bullied. He going to show them just like the video game! Gang members same story because what to show their opponents That they are badass!
      Where were their up bringing? Criminals a great % of them are on some form of drugs.
      We are now a country that the political party says, oh your right, the opposite side says but, but. The political party says oh your right too. Hell everyone is right no one is wrong just vote for me! Give your vote and your money and it’s all good. I could go on and on with people not seen the trees in the forest. Give it time folks and this place will no longer be the super power but a 3rd world country. What use to be that made us great and respected is fading fast.

      Sorry just my thoughts and what I’m seeing in my viewing the trees. Take, take take until it’s all gone. I was once told people are all the same and it’s my believe that’s farthest From the truth that can be. Just look back in time until now and try to convince me of that statement!

  3. I gave up Walmart sometime back, and found the sun still came up the next day.
    Look around you will be surprised at how many items can be found on the internet at the same price and quite a few times less.
    I recommend Dickies clothing and chewy.com.

    1. Sandy I am with you…….I won’t shop there because being a Union guy I hated how they treated there workers…this gives me more reasons

  4. I rarely shop at Walmart anymore. I’m done now. I buy my ammunition from a local gun shop. I
    Don’t need Walmart.

  5. Thank you Midsouth Shooters for standing up for all the honest gun owners and for your support of the 2nd. amendment. It is too bad that the companies are giving in to the pressure of the anti-gun public. They all need to remember,if it wasn’t for the honest,patriotic men and women and their weapons, we would never have won our independence and enjoyed the freedoms we now enjoy. Semper Fi,Jerry

  6. So what? They are neither pro- or anti-gun; they are only pro-Walton family. Walmart has done more to send manufacturing overseas, decrease product quality, stifle competition, keep wages low, and drive local mom and pop businesses away, paving the way for Amazon to do even more of the same. This policy change should increase market share of firearms related products to smaller businesses everywhere, Midsouth included. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

  7. OK Wal_Mart, So the only person that is carrying a gun in your store is the criminal who does not follow the laws and no one there to take the shooter out. Since you want to CURB deaths, then you need to pull off your shelves all Beer & Liquors, More people are killed by drunk drivers. Close your Pharmacy too. More people are killed by Prescription Drugs that the doctors order then alcohol & guns combined. The list can go on, but you should get the point. Or maybe since you have 20% or more in Ammo, make it online home delivery only. Don’t think you people though this through! Just sayin!

  8. Walmart has been on a downward spiral for some time. Price is the their only selling point. Their customer service is terrible, selection is predominantly cheap items made overseas, and their political correctness is over the top. I never buy hunting, fishing or sporting goods from Walmart just because of their anti policies and their terrible service. There are plenty of more deserving retailers for my money!

    1. There are so many places to shop for ammunition. I try to support my local gun store. My Dunn’s Sporting goods has good prices on everything. They are knowledgeable and courteous. Screw Wal-Mart. If all the outdoorsman and shooters really stood together we could hurt Wal-Mart. They will never get another dime from me.

  9. while i am no fan of wal mart because of there chi com products first instead of looking for american made products, they have every right to sell what they want to who they want.
    as far as the open carry goes i just dont understand the need to carry open. it seems they are trying to provoke the anti gunners which is the last thing we need as gun owners.
    i carry concealed and understand the need to be protected from prosecution in case you accidently expose your pistol while sitting down or if the wind blows your coat back ect.
    as a retired gunsmith im very comfortable around firearms but i must admit when i see someone carrying open it puts me on edge and i keep an eye on the person wondering what they are up to or about to do.this isnt an unreasonable response since we have no idea what a persons ability,training or mental state is when it is a complete stranger.

    1. In reply to your comment which I understand, if a shooter comes into any store, do you think he will open carry in a store? No, he will hide it till he or she, gets to the point where the perp is ready to do harm. And if I see an open carry person, I can relax knowing that someone maybe in the area if the need arises.
      Now look at the shooters history. Most are Illegal, Islamic Muslims, Bernie Sanders fans, and Liberal Democrats on the far left!

      1. Cite the source of that info on active/mass shooter demographics, please? I want to be able to support the argument if I need to. Thanks.

    2. Off duty MCSO Deputies who elect to carry firearms must do so concealed, with their badge clipped in front of their weapon, per department policy. A reasonable safety measure, IMO.

      1. And a very stupid policy. Bad guy sees a badge and knows who to target first in a shooting situation. And by the way, anyone can find a realistic looking badge with no trouble at all.

  10. At our local Walmart store some of the employees don’t like to work the sporting goods area because of the customers blame them for what corporate is doing, they have no control, in fact the ones I have talked to don’t like what is happening anymore than we do. I believe Walmart has gave in to the gun grabbers, but don’t blame the employees for this. My suggestion is for all who can join or get behind the NRA to fight for American Freedoms. By the way, They tried to abolish the NRA in the 20s and 30s but they are still here.

  11. Well it is a sad day for Walmart. This I’m sure of, Sam Walton would not be approving of this.

    So Walmart has made their decision and likewise I have made mine. I purchase about $10,000.00 a year in many things, tires, groceries, clothes, pet supplies, medicines, gas for vehicles, just to name a few. now here is the real kicker. I have 6 sons and daughters and they have vowed to not purchase anything from Walmart again either. Now I ask you how much does my family purchase from Walmart? I would probably venture to say 80 to 100 grand per year.

    Sad that they loose revenue like this. When you make policies like this be prepared to pay the piper.
    I might add Sam’s Club is also included.

    My family and I do not support any company that does not support the Second Amendment.

    Its obvious that the CEO of Walmart did not think this through. And by the way the Rifles and Ammo that they say they will still carry, my family will not purchase any of those items either. Our buying days a Walmart are done as of last week. This is my way and my family’s way of saying hey Walmart Listen to me? Good people and Honest people did not cause this carnage that is going on in America today. We also do not support Kroger’s the supermarket chain.

    We quit supporting Dicks when they made their decision.

    1. I agree and will vote with my wallet as well. The last ammo I bought in a Walmart was a big box (444 rounds, I think) of .22LR over a year ago. Other than oil and filters and some other minor things I haven’t done much shopping at any of their stores. Even though there aren’t any options for me because of where I live, Walmart is now “off limits” for me.

      Phil in TX

    2. @Tribble… yep. I am doing the same. Calculated the last 30 years of $$ in Wally world and Sam’s club. Sent them a letter and let them know I am out.
      I grew up in AR. Old Sam would have lost his mind to see what the kids have done .

  12. Many more people are kilked by drunk driver than guns……Walmart is giving up selling som ammo! All politics and no common sense. Boycott Walmart.

  13. I uses to spend a $1,000 a month in Walmart, but no longer. My money will go else where. Substandard service and now this.

  14. The only time that i open carry is when i go hunting or hiking that’s why I carry ,here in Wyoming you can open carry any time , there is a lot of times leaving to go or coming back form hunting we do stop and run in for some things at the Walmart or other stores even to grab the mail and i do not take my gun belt off . Sometimes people will take a double look but never had anyone come up to me and say they don’t feel comfortable could you leave , if that did happen I would tell them TO GO BACK TO THERE LIBTARED STATE AS SOON AS THEY CAN SO AS THEY CAN FEEL SAFE AGAIN AND BIG BROTHER CAN HAND THEM THERE BREAD STAMP

  15. I haven’t been a customer of Midsouth as long as some others here, but they have become my go to supplier of anything gun related for about a year. Their prices are usually the best available and the shipping is reasonable and I usually get my orders sooner than predicted.

    Phil in TX

  16. I’m curious as to the following points:

    1. How many adult Americans, or legal residents are Walmart customers.
    2. Of the above mentioned, how many are legal owners of firearms.
    3. Of those in caterory 2, how many might give up on Walmart.
    4. Might the number of customers possibly gained, people who agree with Walmart’s actions, be a counter balance to customers lost.

    1. Wal-Mart looses Gun owners, I doubt they would loose a very small amout of Non-Gun owners. As far as getting new customers because of their new policy….. I DOUBT IT!

      1. It may well turn out that this executive decision will have done serious damage to the brand, the brand being Walmart. Along those lines, I wonder as to how much longer the present CEO will remain in place given the anticipated, perhaps serious corporate blood loss, corporate blood spelled MONEY. I guess we shall see, given the passage of time.

  17. Capitalism is currently infected with political correctness and “SJW” values. In fact, it is one of the major forces propping up and extending the power of the SJWs and leftists.

    it’s run by the same people who run communism.

    The consumerist, internationalist fanaticism of the capitalists and the megacorporations is essentially indistinguishable from the logical conclusion of Marxism.

    The revolutionary dissolution of all distinctions — male and female, national, racial, etc. etc. — to produce a collectivist soup of identity-free neuters who exist only to buy iPhones and dye their hair weird colors while obeying the dictates of their corporate overlords without question.

    Big Capital isn’t a friend of the American people or freedom. It’s the avowed enemy of both, just as much as communism. People have to get their heads out of the sand or they’re going to destroy every last vestige of our way of life in their quest for a gender-free international collective.

    When dollars replace culture, cultural values — like freedom, patriotism, family, etc. — go down the drain and you get the bizarre fusion of capitalism and marxism we have now.

  18. It takes a lot of stupidity and really, really poor business decisions to kill a company and WalMarts’s president is doing just that. As a Stock holder in this company for over 30 years, i find myself ready to DUMP the stock. True it’s only a few Hundred shares but I can invest in a competitor who shows growth potential. Just as I will never shop at Dick’s Sporting Goods, I will find it hard to enter a WalMart. It’s a shame as I do spend thousands a year there and with this new attack on people like myself I am not only insulted but angry. Sam Walton is not just rolling over but spinning at high speed in his grave. I cannot wait for the next board elections so I CAN vot34 these exceedingly stupid company killers out and off the board!!!!

  19. It takes a lot of stupidity and really, really poor business decisions to kill a company and WalMarts’s president is doing just that. As a Stock holder in this company for over 30 years, i find myself ready to DUMP the stock. True it’s only a few Hundred shares but I can invest in a competitor who shows growth potential. Just as I will never shop at Dick’s Sporting Goods, I will find it hard to enter a WalMart. It’s a shame as I do spend thousands a year there and with this new attack on people like myself I am not only insulted but angry. Sam Walton is not just rolling over but spinning at high speed in his grave. I cannot wait for the next board elections so I CAN vote these exceedingly stupid company killers out and off the board!!!!

    1. I never bought ammunition there but, I agree with your thoughts. If all the NRA members boycott Walmart we could have an impact on their business. As a stock holder I am dumping my stock, delegating my Walmart Aps, not buying anything. I shopped weekly on line and was very happy with their grocery on line pick up. I figured I spent conservatively $3,500 – $5,000 per year there. As a stock holder I tried to divert my business there. If everyone who is unhappy with this decision diverted their business else where we could impact their bottom line in the billions.

  20. Gents,

    I am as pro-2A as can be. (And before someone tries to say otherwise, my bona fides are 23-year Army veteran, 18 in Special Forces, 6 tours in OIF, and I own plenty of firearms.)

    I keep seeing arguments here and in other firearms blogs with inaccurate statements, that are as easy to confirm/deny as a simple Google search. We do not help our case by making wild, unsupportable, and incorrect claims about firearms homicides, suicides, accidents, etc., in comparison to other causes of death. That is also an apples to oranges argument and feeds into the anti-firearm agenda.

    Stick to the easy-to-defend stance that, until this country amends the Constitution, the 2A allows possession and bearing of firearms.

    As long as you are a law abiding, legal, and responsible firearms owner, who practices safe firearms handling and storage, why not add “courteous” to that list? Engaging those who oppose firearms ownership, and, more important, those who are on the fence about it, in civil discourse versus angry rhetoric, will win more understanding and respect than not.

    Ask yourself, when was the last time you took someone unfamiliar or fearful of firearms to the range, showed them proper and safe handling of firearms, and provided a valuable, fun learning experience for that person? Instead of arguing with them, invite them to see for themselves how much fun shooting can be.

    Additionally, what a private entity (like Walmart) decides is best policy for its employees and patrons regarding safety considerations is, by no means, an infringement on any individual’s 2A rights; Walmart is not a government entity.

    You can choose to abide by their policy and carry concealed only in their stores, or you can choose to shop elsewhere. Walmart is only interested in one thing; making money. If that means having policies that keep their overall image in accordance with public opinion, they will do so.

    Food for thought.

      1. Absolutely. Just to clarify, I was not commenting on the original opinion piece, but rather on the comments in this section. With the exception of the phrase “anti-gun agenda,” which is alarmist and irrelevant as Walmart is a private entity, not a government agency. Publix does not sell guns, but that does not make them have an “anti-gun agenda.” Personally, I do not frequent establishments that do not allow concealed carry firearms, but I never open carry either. Just because one “can” do something, does not mean one “should” do that thing. One “can” tell one’s wife that her butt makes the dress look fat, but should one?

        Here are some examples of things that do nothing to support a pro-2A stance, from the comments section above.

        “Please leave your gun in your car while you shop, so the gun can be stolen by real criminals.”
        -Not part of the Walmart policy; open carry restrictions only. This is hyperbole.

        “No CCW person in the store to take out the perp, Just yell at the shooter and say ‘WAIT while I run out to my car to get mine to help defend all the shoppers and myself in the store!’”
        -Not part of the Walmart policy; open carry restrictions only. This is hyperbole.

        “the only and simpilest [sic] solution to control these horendous [sic] acts and mass slaughter of innocent Americans is to impose a mandatory and quick death sentence for anyone committing a crime while using a firearm.”
        -No citation of data/research supporting the concept that the death penalty is a deterrent to criminals.

        “I think some Liberals and Democrats have some kind of hand in these mass shootings.”
        -No citation of supporting evidence to this claim. In fact, the Walmart shooter in El Paso, TX used language more akin to that of the current administration, not the Democratic Party.

        “So the only person that is carrying a gun in your store is the criminal who does not follow the laws and no one there to take the shooter out.”
        -Not part of the Walmart policy; open carry restrictions only. This is hyperbole.

        “More people are killed by drunk drivers. Close your Pharmacy too. More people are killed by Prescription Drugs that the doctors order then alcohol & guns combined.” [sic]
        -No citation supporting these claims.

        “if a shooter comes into any store, do you think he will open carry in a store? No, he will hide it till he or she, gets to the point where the perp is ready to do harm.”
        -No citation supporting this claim. In fact, the El Paso Walmart shooter entered the store with his weapon exposed, not concealed. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/us/gunman-kills-20-in-el-paso-walmart-mass-shooting-1.3976788

        “Now look at the shooters [sic] history. Most are Illegal, Islamic Muslims, Bernie Sanders fans, and Liberal Democrats on the far left!”
        -No citation. Unsubstantiated claim. Burden of proof. And makes the rest of us look bad. Here are a couple of interesting articles, and the statistics and data within rely heavily upon the definition of “mass shooting.” It is easy to find anecdotal support that most mass shootings are committed by white men, but that is misleading, since there are many mass shootings committed by black men that are underreported because it does not fit into the “spectacular attack / active shooter” type of event. So one outlet defines mass shooting as three or more victims, another as four or more. One looked at it as being without the presence of another criminal activity, i.e. drug / gang related. So it is easy to cherry pick one study over another that supports a narrative, but I could find zero that supported the conspiracy theory above.

        “Many more people are kilked [sic] by drunk driver than guns……”
        -No citation. This is a dicey statistic to cite, because what I was able to find in a quick search shows that drunk drivers killing people are often lumped into deaths by “accident.” As are accidental gunshot deaths. As are accidental overdoses. But, more to the point, why are we belaboring this? It is irrelevant to the 2A.

      2. Well, I tried, but either a mod did not let it post, or there is an auto-filtering setting on this blog that pulled it. Ironic, somehow my 2A comments getting some 1A frustration.

      3. And, shame on me for typing directly into the comment box without a having copy in Word, so if you guys can see posts waiting to publish, that is where you will find my original reply.

  21. I hope that one result of Walmart’s decision will be to breathe life into other sporting goods stores that are friendly to the 2A. We can’t have enough of those. I still have a couple of boxes of 22 LR ammo that have Sears branding on them, which takes my mind back to a very different time in America. If Walmart wants to end up like Sears, more power to it. I will definitely be one to look for alternative places to shop, although I do appreciate that, unlike some stores that ban firearms completely, Walmart has not chosen to make itself an entirely gun-free zone. Target wants to be a real target, apparently, but its leftist policies have kept me totally away from it for years.

  22. This trend will continue until the gun lobby starts to do a lot more to keep firearms out of the wrong hands. Also I don’t get the Capitalism/ gun ownership connection.

    1. Buddy, it is NOT the job of the ‘gun lobby’ to keep firearms out of the wrong hands. That is like claiming is it the job of the AAA to prevent drunk drivers. Focus on the OPERATOR, not the OBJECT. It is what adults do.

  23. Go to http://www.gunfacts.info/ and educate yourself. These idiots who keep talking about how an “Assault Rifle Ban” would change things, are …well … idiots of the first order. The original ban didn’t stop ANYTHING from happening. Most of what the Left claims is absolutely the OPPOSITE of what statistics and facts about gun crime tell us …. but to a Leftist, a fact is “hate” speech.

    It’s also worth noting that the 2A is a RIGHT given by the creator, not a PRIVILEGE given by bureaucratic scum. It’s from the Bill of Rights, not the bill of priveledges.

  24. I find Walmarts reaction Hilarious! One of the few stores in America you can purchase Firearms (just certain types now), ammo, (well certain types now), and Alchohol, that has “Loss Prevention” but NO Security to protect their customers.
    Instead of offering security protection to non-gun owners and us gun owners alike, Walmart wants to start the infringement on gun owners rights by limiting them with certain hunting ammo/rifles and limit our ability to have “protection/practice/plinking” ammo at our homes……. Sounds like the start of communism in the Land Of The Free!
    Walmart……you’ve shut down a lot of great mom and pops stores and I hope this knee jerk reaction starts your downward spiral. Hopefully it will provide opportunities to provide the smaller True American guys an opportunity to open their better quality merchandise stores up.

  25. Albertsons has joined the list of supermarkets and stores that have asked shoppers to not openly carry firearms.

  26. If I have to go elsewhere for my defensive handgun and target ammo, I guess I can shop for whatever else I need without going to Walmart either. They want more people to be victims by denying them ammo for their defense, I definitely don’t need to support their bottom line in any way.

  27. I remember in my younger days ( I am now almost 75) there was and still is a grocery store chain where I live ( South Carolina) that had an armed guard that sat above the entrance with a shotgun. This was after a couple of the stores were robbed, To my knowledge, there were no more robberies. I do not remember any customers complaining either. As I said this was in a VERY different time.

  28. Are we forgetting , the CONSTITUTION applies to the interaction of the government with its citizens. Not with citizen to citizen. These companies are not restricting the right to self-defense. Perhaps we could say that if they we re the only source. AMERICA IS A GREAT COUNTRY we can shop where we please.

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